Bad Credit Personal Loans


A joint loan is one of the specialised forms of personal loans where the primary borrower applies for a loan besides a family member or friend if he/she agrees. It means the loan application will be one but signed by the joint partners. Both the borrowers will able to avail the equal benefits, but simultaneously, they have the responsibility of making repayments too.

The most striking feature of the joint personal loans is that they suit best to those, who have the issue of poor credit score. Suppose if one person has the low credit ratings, then the partner can apply jointly with him and the lender will assess both their credit scores to allow a loan deal.

We are among the most lenient direct lenders in the UK, where the joint application loans are accessible on more flexible terms. The primary loan attributes that you can expect from us are:

Competitive APRs

We decide the rates only after evaluating borrowers’ current financial status.

Easy-to-be-Eligible Loans

We only need proof of UK citizenship, current income, and valid bank account.

98.5% Guaranteed Approval

With joint loans, you have less chance of loan rejections because joint credit scores ensure this.


Several people living in Britain apply here to get the necessary funding after facing rejections from the other private lenders in the UK. There is nothing to worry even if you have blemished credit report or multiple pending debts to clear.

With less-than-perfect credit score, making joint loan application with a near or dear one increases your chances of loan approval. Here are the loan benefits that attract you:

Online Loan Application: We offer joint loans online with no hassle of presenting too much paperwork. You only need to sit at your living place or office to apply on our website. A few personal details that you need to fill in the form and submit it.

Make your chances stronger: Applying through the joint application can increase your chances of loan approval. If your credit score is not satisfactory, then you can fill the gap with your partner’s scores. The joint scores will bring guaranteed loan approval for you.

The approval also comes through joint incomes: Suppose both of your credit scores are not up to the mark, we can accept the income of both of you as the factor of loan approval. In such a case, we bring an additional benefit for no guarantor is needed to obtain joint loans on instant decision.


Yes, as we have the variety of personal loans, we do have varied joint loans for our prospective borrowers. No matter whether you are a tenant or living as a homeowner, you can quickly qualify for the loan deals. Continue to read below and know the loan varieties.

For Wedded Couple
Yes, our tally of loan products also includes joint loans for married couples. They can join each other to apply for a loan here alongside their credit scores and get the acceptance. Whether you need to fulfil mandatory financial requirements or to buy something, these loans will bring the money for you.

For Home Improvement
Is your home needed a little renovation or a significant improvement in the kitchen or bathroom? Do it with no worry about the funds. A bespoke deal on the joint loan arranges the desired funds into your bank account. Apply now, get the money and make home improvement.

For Debt Consolidation
Are your finances feeling over-burdened with multiple debts? If yes, then the time is to apply for our joint loans for debt consolidation. These funding sources are available on easy repayment terms, and you can pay all your debts into one go with one fixed interest rate to pay.


Credit score is the significant factor in the loan approval process. A good credit score welcomes the guaranteed loan acceptance while a poor credit demolishes the chances. In the scenario of financial crisis, such situations bother the individuals with not so good credit score. Thus, they look at the direct lending market to avail the funds.

As a responsible private lender in the UK, we do not disappoint them. More surprising to them is the special-made loan deal for them, which comes as unsecured joint loans for bad credit people. Providing the loan guarantee in the form of collateral or guarantor is not mandatory at all.

We have made two significant provisions for the borrowers with the weak credit report. With more precision, we have made provisions according to the people with NO CREDIT HISTORY and people with POOR CREDIT RECORD.

Borrowers with No Credit History Borrowers with Bad Credit History
  • They avail the loan deals with no credit check policy.
  • The borrowing amount has the limitation from £1000 to £5000, as they apply for the first-time.
  • They can use the amount for any of the personal purpose or financial emergency.
  • They can obtain funds with going through a worry-free soft credit check.
  • They can borrow from £1000 to £15000, as they have pre-registered with us.
  • Funding is available for both personal and business purposes and urgencies.


Joint personal loans for people with bad credit, married couples and debt consolidation are enough to describe our efficiency at the UK marketplace. Wait…this is not the end; instead, this is the beginning. We have more for your financial favour, such as:

  • We are ready to accept the applications where more than 2-3 people are making joint applications. However, they all must be equally responsible for repaying the amount;
  • Loans are also available for the unmarried couples, but again they must agree to all the loan terms unanimously;
  • Unlike other direct lenders, we accept the joint loan application of students and their parents so that they can pay their tuition fees during tough times;
  • Despite making efforts to offer loans with no guarantor, we also have arrangements on joint guarantor loans, especially for the commercial purposes.

Waiting for too much can only delay your loan chances. Grab the opportunity by applying for our joint loans and improve not only your finances but also the partner’s and your credit scores. Submit your application here…

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