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We are the London based easy bad credit loans marketplace offering reliable and bespoke loan opportunities on easy terms. We bring easy bad credit loans for the UK people on realistic terms and within 15 Minutes from Direct Lenders without any guarantor and broker fees . Search for the best options in lending coming through an easy loan in the UK. Our loan products are designed to provide customers with the best quality loan products. Private lenders like Easy Cheap Loans offer the bad credit loans on exclusive deals, which are quite interesting and within the budget of every customer.

We do not say ‘No’ to your loan application. In fact, we have an almost 99% record of accepting the Bad credit loan applications. Our easy and simple loans can do wonder during your financial instability via instant funding access. A unique but useful financial outcome can be expected from us and we won’t let you down in this competitive world. Accept us as your financial companion because we have plenty to offer you.

Loans with a Lower APR and Flexible Repayments despite a Poor Credit

Yes, we really mean it because we offer varied loans such as personal loans, payday loans, no guarantor loans, loans for unemployed, debt consolidation, etc. All loan products are available, and you can say that they all are bad credit loans. It is the reason that you can find us talking about the poor credit situation and other relatable things quite often. To make the financial assistance easy for the people with difficult circumstances, we keep the low apr (annual percentage rate) and repayments manageable. These two are the prime factors for borrowers.

  • With 0.7% of the rate per day, we try to make deal bearable in totality.
  • The repayment plan is flexible that you can change during the tenure.
  • We want you to repay easily and boost rating if it is poor.
  • Loans for the unemployed are also there if you an income source.

No Guarantor Required for Any Credit Score

Short-term loans come with no guarantor required, and we make this more convenient by removing the constraint of credit score status. It means whether you have a good credit score or bad credit score, you can borrow money without providing any guarantor. The only thing to keep in mind is your capacity to repay the loans. If that is present in your financial capability, you are a perfect match for our deals.

  • Short-term lending solutions, including poor credit loans, can be easily obtained with a strong current income status.
  • Not every time it is possible to get a guarantor because many other people are also struggling with financial issues.
  • The back-up of a second person is required either when you bring it on choice or when the financial issues are consistent.
  • With an authentic income, you can also take very bad credit loans. It is advisable to show additional income.

Customisation on all deals including the loans for bad credit

Yes, our policy is to offer personalised pricing on every deal because direct lending aims to provide financial ease to the people. The reason that it is different from the conventional way of lending resides in its flexibility. We are a direct lender, and we pay less heed to the factors that cause an obstacle in the growth. It is why customised deals are offered even on the loans for bad credit in the UK through direct lending.

  • What matters most is how stable is the income you get every month. Our customisation revolves around your current circumstances.
  • We are also keen on your recent financial behaviour. If you pay the bills and debts on time, the approval comes in a few minutes.
  • Customisation helps to make the borrowing process fast and easy. It saves the time and money of the borrower providing timely funds.

We are always around you through 24x7 online reach

Whether you are looking on for something like ‘bad credit loans near me,’ or ‘personal loans near me’, or any small loan, we are right there. Money crisis can happen to anyone, anytime, it has no decided hours. EasyCheapLoans wants to make sure that you get the right help at the right time.

  • Only a timely help with a required amount of money makes the real difference.
  • The 100% online application process and soft check ensure fast procedure.
  • We are only concerned about income stability and then you can borrow anytime.
  • Our customer support team is available 24x7 to serve with the required assistance.

Advantages of Bad Credit Loans

A Low credit score is often given the limited treatment that primarily has negative consequences. EasyCheapLoan has arrived at the marketplace to amend that practice with almost guaranteed loan approval for the people with the blemished credit score.

Yes, we make promises but follow their practicality as well.

The bad credit loans are the prime examples of our responsible lending. It defines our objective of ensuring “everything for everyone.” No biased lending only bespoke products are available irrespective of the borrowers’ credit scores.

Here are the following loan advantages that you can expect from us:

1. Enhance Your Credit Profile
Don’t miss the chance to be fortunate with a good credit score or Fair credit score. This thing is well possible because we are giving you flexible repayment terms. Any individual with any income status can follow the repayments and seek necessary improvement in the credit score.

2. Competitive Interest Rates
Are you worried about the high-interest rates? You shouldn’t be, as our prices are the most competitive in the UK marketplace. Whether the good credit people or poor credit people, everyone is eligible to pay reasonable loan APRs.

3. No ‘Third-Party’ Interference
You avail of this significant advantage from us. While applying, you don’t need to have a guarantor, and indeed, our sizeable online presence ensures no requirement of approaching a broker. Come directly to us because we don’t include any credit reference agencies as well because we follow no credit check policy.

How private lenders stand as back up?

To look for financial ease is the right of every individual. To back you up at the time of Crisis and Need, with an easy search you can find us anytime.

Secure long term preference

The assistance from private lenders enhances the credit score affordability. It will further enhance the productivity in making long term deals secured and reliable one. An applicant can take a trustworthy decision to fulfil a variety of goals that covers a long period. With this benefit, you can get ease on the competitive interest rates that can further lead to taking a good confident decision.

Favours risk

With our flexible services, you can take part in risk’s that favours your requirement on any domain. People are looking for preferable deals that help them in taking a step forward. For more understanding, it resolves the complications of a bad credit score and helps in promoting with considering financial settlements.

However, our financial terms and benefits are always helping to cover a safe bad credit journey...

EasyCheapLoans specially aims to help people in tough times due to their poor credit score or any financial crisis. Playing the role of one of the best direct lenders in the UK, we offer funds on flexible terms and conditions that are always easy to fulfil. If you are in a problem and need funds for an urgent or unforeseen situation, come to us get the money.

Smart Lending Products

Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Meet your personal ends with no hassle, irrespective of any credit score and employment status.

Payday Loans

Payday Loans

Worrying too much is not the solution, our payday loans are good to present quick financial relief.

No Guarantor Loans

No Guarantor Loans

Don’t wait for someone to become your guarantor? Instead, wait for your instant loan approval.

Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans

Say goodbye to your short term cash troubles by availing short term loans on the competitive APRs.

How to Apply for Loans

Are you in a hurry to get instant funding? Do you not want to indulge in hefty documentation? If yes, then EasyCheapLoan brings everything for your comfort. Yes, we take care of finances as you do.
Nothing complicated, but the whole thing is convenient here. It is also our motto to present timely fund disbursal and ensure financial stability as early as possible. You only have to apply these steps for bad credit loans, which are simple and straightforward.

Decide Amount


Come to our Website and open an online application form.

Fill Online Form


Fill the form with mandatory personal details and submit it early.

Instant Approval


Once received the form, we instantly work on to your loan application and approve it if everything seems fine.

Amount Transfered


Within a few minutes, you will receive a text message that amount has been transferred to your bank account.


Are you searching for the legitimate and easiest loan lending
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Charlie Kieth

I am so grateful to you for providing me unsecured loans instantly and that too without any confusion. It was a good experience with you people.


I am so grateful to you for providing me unsecured loans instantly and that too without any confusion. It was a good experience with you people.


What could be the best thing I could ever think about? You know what… I love to write that my credit situation improved and it was overwhelming. Funds moved up quickly.


It had been almost more than a month and I was searching for quick loans. That’s when Easy Cheap Loan turned me on. I was blessed with funds through them. Thumbs up Guys!

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