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Easy and cheap loans from a trusted UK lender

EasyCheapLoan is the pioneer of quick and easy loans in the UK, providing a variety of loans in the most efficient way. We are aware that locals here sometimes require significant funding access in quick time to confront their financial crisis. Therefore, we offer loans to borrow from £1000 to £50000.

You can apply for that amount within a few minutes and receive it in your bank account within hours. Isn’t it simple to avail of a loan?

Our short-term installment loans are available for easy approval. They are like parts of personal loans, offering much-needed assistance for any financial matter. They will help you a lot when your savings get exhausted, and the need for additional funding is suddenly realised.

We are quite easy to work with, providing loans quickly to UK residents. We have a team of loan specialists and a fully digitalised online application system. Our experts are always ready to help you with any loan deal, and remember, they will not charge you for their advice.

Quick loans with personalised assistance

Apply for our instant cash loans online from your smartphone or laptop anywhere in the UK. Do you have to wait for approval? Not at all. When our loans are quick, our approval decision is also quick. It is a matter of one day that you will have the desired funding in the form of a loan amount.

At EasyCheapLoan, the primary focus is to help our customers financially. We feel proud to make our service quick, efficient and caring towards the applicant’s financial goals. We do not take any decision in haste. Instead, we discuss everything with you personally while reviewing your loan application.

We have seen people struggling with urgent needs. They have to approach mainstream lenders, but the chances of fast approval are almost none. It is at this stage that you realise the need for quick loans from direct lenders. We are certainly that lending hub where you can expect many things and feel delighted to see their implementation.

We are among the most trusted and responsible lenders in the UK. Our loans do not restrict anyone just because of credit scores. Our loan amount range of up to £50,000 is applicable for those with poor credit scores. However, you will qualify for only an affordable amount, which you can repay from your monthly income. We ease your financial burden, not add more to it.

High acceptance of quick loans for bad credit

You need a loan urgently but any hassle will only delay the process. One of those hassles can be your poor credit scores. Traditional lenders are very much specific on that part and they do not hesitate to reject your application. Consequently, you want a second chance. We say you deserve a second chance and this is why we have brought quick and easy loans for bad credit people.

We see your low credit score as the means of serving your financial purposes. To fulfil this aim, we have prepared specialised loan deals in which you will find salient attributes matching your financial needs. These include:

  • Competitive rates: You will find everywhere the higher interest rates with bad credit. Here, you are assured of competitive rates manageable to your pocket.
  • Flexible repayments: With bad credit, repaying the loans should be your priority. We help you in this process by offering flexible repayment terms.
  • Soft or no credit check: Our credit score check does not impact your credit profile. Sometimes, you may also get accepted for quick cash loans online with no credit check, too.

You can explore many more advantages after applying for quick loans for bad credit, which are available on the same day. What are you waiting for? Apply now to start availing yourself of them.

Short-term loans have a longer impact on your finances

It is correct that you get short-term installment loans on easy approval to fulfil smaller financial goals. Do you know that this will have a longer impact on your finances? Yes, this is what makes our loans different from other private lenders in the UK. When offering a loan, our main concern is not only your present financial help but also your future financial balance.

At EasyCheapLoan, we prioritise flexibility, from repayments to interest rates. Therefore, you have the best chance of improving your credit score. You will choose your own loan term so that you can repay the borrowed sum on time. By doing this, you will improve your credit score. All these things will open up more financing opportunities in the future.

Our easy acceptance loans make you financially responsible. Yes, since we offer only an affordable amount to borrow, you will remain within your limit during the entire tenure. During this time, you will realise your limitations and follow your finances more responsibly later.

We are more than just a lender. We are your financial partner, and you can use our experience to stabilise your financial life and grow without obstacles.

Is it easy to get a business loan at EasyCheapLoan?

Do you think we offer same-day loans on easy approval for personal use only? You are half correct because we are among the responsible lenders who offer small business loans, too. We have widened our lending sphere to cover almost all financial needs, including those of small business owners.

These people have just started their business and remain always in need of urgent funding. They want to attract more projects to increase their revenues and grow in the market. Our lending service is accurate enough to help them at the right time. The procedure will remain the same, i.e. online, with minimum involvement of paperwork.

Qualifying for loans does require some conditions to follow, but these are simple and suitable for every business owner. If you are confused about our lending terms, you can contact our representatives anytime.

The most significant benefit we offer is the availability of small business loans for bad credit. Like bad credit personal loans, our business loans are also beyond the credit score restrictions. Here too, our flexible lending norms help in getting approval and improving the credit score later.

Apply now for our small business loans and receive funds immediately to accomplish your commercial purpose.

Easy and cheap loans to help you

The actual picture will be clear when you explore our site. Nevertheless, here are a few glimpses of loan products that we offer. You need to choose one of them after analysing your actual financial needs and come online to apply.

Guaranteed Loans

Guaranteed Loans

You will receive 100% loan acceptance, but you need a guarantor to back you up with repayments. We assure you of lower interest rates and a larger amount to borrow.

No guarantor loans

No Guarantor Loans

Do you not have a guarantor? Do not worry—we provide no-guarantor loans at competitive rates. These are ideal for those with less-than-perfect credit scores.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation Loans

You may find it difficult to pay several debts with varied interest rates. However, you can relieve that burden by taking out our debt consolidation loans.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Loans

Our aim of reducing the burden on your finances is fulfilled with another loan, an unsecured personal loan. These asset-free loans ensure that you will not lose your personal assets.

Easy loans to get in just 3 steps!

Have you decided to apply for a quick loan? It is really great. Now, first, you need to look at the eligibility criteria. You must be a UK resident at least 18 years of age. You must not have had any bankruptcy charges for the last 3 years and must be earning a minimum of £700 as monthly income. If you are good at this, you can easily qualify to apply.

You need to share only the bank details and statements of the last six months and income proof as the loan documents. We will not share any of your personal details with anyone without your consent. You do not need to worry about the extra fees, as you will pay what you receive in the initial loan quote. For any query, feel comfortable contacting our loan experts anytime and from anywhere.

Decide Amount

Complete an Online Form

Fill out a very simple and one-page application form with mandatory details. Carefully submit the form and wait for our approval.

Fill Online Form

Instant Loan Decision

Delaying the loan process is not our working nature. Instead, we make loan decisions within a few minutes to ensure timely financial assistance.

Instant Approval

Release of Loan Amount

Once we make a loan on instant decision, we quickly act by releasing the loan amount to your active bank account. You can use the amount for your purposes.


Everyone wants our low-interest loans and you are indeed one of them. Read below why our customers like our loans.

Tristan Gennings

It was like a dream for many individuals a few years back that the fund disbursal would be done within a single day. Now, it has become a reality, as EasyCheapLoan uses an online method for seeking the applications of borrowers followed by online bank transfers.

Benjamin, Leeds

I was so surprised to find the application process easy to follow. In fact, I got the opportunity to apply by sitting at home with no complications. EasyCheapLoan also does not ask for any document to submit, and the transfer of funds was also quick. Thanks a lot!

Merlin Kenny, London

If you are still thinking that for applying for a loan you need a guarantor and if you do not have a guarantor, your application would be rejected. You are partly correct because look at EasyCheaploan, where loans are available with no guarantor required. Apply straightway!

Michael Fischer

I never imagined that I would be able to open my own business. I really thankful to EasyCheaploan, which has provided me a useful offer on small business loan. The interest rates are beyond my expectation and I had no problem in following monthly repayments.

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