Emergency loans

Emergency Loans – Exploit the last-minute saviour

The urgent, the unforeseen, or whatever you call them, the unexpected financial needs always find a way to intrude in our lives. Despite planning finances, it makes us want more money, which is when we can consider emergency loans. These are the loans with no guarantor condition because the procedure is speedy and paperless. EasyCheapLoansUK provides instant funds through its uncompromised standards of direct lending.

Get funds for any purpose –

  • Urgent delivery of your first child
  • Sudden failure of house security system
  • A sudden service after the car crash
  • Suffocated funds due to pandemic
  • Educational costs and related expenses
  • Borrow for business relates causes

You can imagine any need and also those that are unimaginable and we can provide you with the most rational deals on emergency loans in the UK. With the help of customisation, we make the loans practically suitable to your financial conditions. Individual circumstances are always significant while making an approval decision. This is how rational lending works because, otherwise, the decisions can never but logical or unbiased.

Emergency loans for bad credit – Yes, they are available

It can be a matter of uncertainty for you to conclude your loan approval chances in case of a bad credit situation. In fact, some borrowers that we interact with even had doubts if they can apply with poor credit or not. The online loans are available on some parameters that are different from conventional lending terms and conditions. To borrow online from a direct lender, you need a good repaying capacity at the prime factor.

Get emergency loans for bad credit with the following conditions –

  • The current income should be good enough to pay the loan instalments. Repaying capacity will always be the final judge.
  • There should be no pending bills and debts in the last 6 months. Recent financial behaviour is essential when you have a poor score.
  • Do not get into ‘buy now pay later’ deals while shopping things. They disturb your financial records and leave a bad impact.

We provide a soft credit check if you demand. Many poor credit people call us asking for the possibilities of emergency loans with no credit check, which is actually a soft credit check. Usually, we suggest that our borrowers go for a hard check because more we know your personal finances, we can offer more affordable deals. Also, there is no constraint of purpose due to a poor credit situation. Whether you are taking the bad credit emergency loans for rent or an educational purpose, prove the financial capacity and get approval.

Pay interest only for the duration of time you borrow

Our policies on interest rates are clear, and their prime aim is not to leave any extra burden on the borrowers. When they are already in a money mess due to some instant need, they should not get into another worry due to high-interest rates. The emergency loans are never expensive for any of the borrower. Whatever is the income, income-outgoing ratio, the tenure and amount are little, and it is the reason that they are always lighter on the rate of interest.

  • If you pay off early, you will be paying the interest-only up to the time you ultimately pay off. No addition of the rest of interest as the prepayment penalty.
  • The rate of interest is sure to be low already due to the customisation feature that decides the rate of interest as well as the tenure of the loan
  • We allow you to change your repayment plan during the tenure and that may change the overall calculation of what you have to pay in totality

You do not need to experience any anxiety on the loan cost because we know how to make the loans understandable and convenient for you. Rate quote plays an essential role in that, and there is every arrangement to make the deals measurable for you through a loan calculator. Borrow money when you are completely satisfied with the results.

What We have for New borrowers and Existing Borrowers?

We always try to offer something special to our existing as well as the new customers. To the first time borrowers, the timeless aim is to provide them with an inexpensive deal. On the other hand, to the existing borrowers, we always want to suggest, new lucrative deals that are workable in their financial conditions. There is no burden of the list of questions, or delay in the procedure; after all, they are the emergency loans and fast in nature.

Offers for new loan borrowers Offers for existing loan applicants
Customisation with flexible repayment plans irrespective of current income status. Customisation with lower rates than previous and also the options to repay through either auto-debit or make the payment on the due date
Completely secured data, no transfer to the third party with the individual relational manager. No annoying calls to tell about the new deals. Get the same relationship manager as previously if you want.
Bad credit people can also apply but with a stable payback capacity. Cheaper deals even if your score drops but the poor credit situation should not be consistent.
Funds to jobless through  emergency cash loans for unemployed
Increased borrowing limit with a larger amount if your payment record was good with us

Most first-time applicants for emergency loans from direct lenders doubt that they may have multiple terms and conditions. It is not the case with us because we focus on making the borrowing journey easier. The strategy is clear, in the case of new customers, we focus on current financial status. On the other side, in the case of the existing borrowers, we focus on the current income status and the past payment record with us.

Emergency Loans After Coronavirus Pandemic

The efforts are intense after corona pandemic to make money available to those in the desperate need of the funds. The unprecedented conditions have put people in a financial fix, but they can expect to experience some relief with these small loans. The conditions are severe again, and the coming months are also uncertain, but you need not worry about the financial uncertainties.  The emergency loans are here to fulfil every small financial need, irrespective of time and day.

Here is how you can get emergency loans after the market has changed due to corona pandemic –

  • As the new wave of the corona is in action, the lockdown condition has emerged, but the funds are still available online on instant decision.
  • Like the previous day, we are still taking applications from those on furloughed income, but we need proof from the employer.
  • The financial behaviour of past months is again essential here; however, we are ready to act flexibly if current finances are stable.
  • We are also ready to help businesses with an only one-year business account statement. They are also in our beneficiary bucket.
  • In the third wave pandemic, we want you to be more rational and transparent in the financial information you provide to us.
  • After pandemic chaos, we are available even on festivals to provide instant funds because circumstances can occur anytime, any day.

The tier 3 phase of the rules on movement in public places and other measures are all set, but online lending is not affected by the restrictions. You can still get money right in your bank account without any delay through the speedy procedure. No need for physical verification, no need for documentation, everything goes online.

Why Choose Us for Emergency Loans?

Before you take money from us, we want to give clear reasons you can trust us. We target to develop trust and comfort for the well-being of the borrowers. Understandably, borrowing is more comfortable when a borrower has trust on a lender.

  • Ethical lending with fair deals and transparency through timely notifications
  • High Approval Rate, 99% of applications we receive get an instant approval
  • No intimidating attitude on the interest rate, ease through personalised pricing
  • No upfront fee, no prepayment penalty, no hidden charges even in bad credit
  • Instant approval decision and immediate fund transfer in the bank account
  • A soft credit check is available for people with bad or no credit history
  • Employed, self-employed, partly employed, unemployed, all can apply for a loan

EasyCheapLoansUK makes every effort to offer affordable loan deals, and we have served millions of customers. The speedy emergency cash loans in one hour give the borrowers’ confidence that whenever they need, there is a support system working for them. Irrespective of credit score and employment status, the funds are available on cheaper deals. Whatever need you have, emergency loans can always be your best friend and offer the required assistance. For any further query or doubt, call us and find a suitable solution.

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