Loans for unemployed, especially from the direct lender, can be the perfect solution to this scenario. Easily available on the online platform, these loans alongside the variety, features and advantages can bring the much-needed help.

As the responsible online lender in the UK, we understand the problems that exist during the jobless period. Therefore, we have devoted personalised deals on small loans for unemployed people. The small loans because we want to assist in the most urgent funding needs.

We have exciting loan features for you, and some of them are:

  • Borrow the amount from £1000 to £10000
  • Loan term varies from 3 months to 36 months
  • Easy repayments that will be based on your part-time income
  • No co-signer needed and apply for loans on own responsibility
  • First-time borrowers are welcomed with discounted interest rates

Remember, we offer loans for unemployed with no fees to demand, and you will pay what we have quoted you earlier.

Low APR And Instant loans for unemployed to fill the financial gap

Unemployment is ubiquitous and it makes it hard to make ends meet. If an emergency pops up while searching for a new job, you begin to worry about running out of money. EasyCheapLoan understands that it may not be always possible to manage all of the expenses by dipping into savings until you land a new job, which is why we offer affordable and Instant loans for the unemployed. Here is what you need to qualify for these loans at low APR:

• You must have an income source other than a full-time job and it must be enough to pay off your debt.
• Your credit history should be good. In case of a bad credit score, make sure that the default is at least six-months-old.
• There should not be frequent switches between jobs, otherwise, it will allow an interpretation that employers terminate you because of your flaws and misdemeanors.

Pay Weekly Loans for Unemployed

Unemployment is the cause of many financial obstacles, especially when you are going to borrow funds. Nowadays, the direct lending has opened up the lending doors for these people where not just the acceptance on loans but also the guaranteed approval is provided.

The best example of it is the pay weekly loans for unemployed. These are the short term loans where the borrowers have to make the loan repayments in every week until the specific term. These funding products are mostly useful for the small financial needs or the financial emergencies.

In the pay weekly loans, the jobless people can easily repay the loan from their part-time income and there will be less chances of losing the weekly instalments. Therefore, these loans are also ideal for those unemployed with bad credit scores, as they can improve their credit scores and find more chances of loan approval.

What is the primary criterion to get guaranteed Unemployed Loans?

Several lending institutions hesitate to offer Instant loans to those who have to live the days with no full-time job. It is indeed very annoying for them, and they get disappointed with minimum cash flow to deal with. It is where we come as the real financial ally for them.

We are open to offering guaranteed same day loans for unemployed. YES, we want to live our legacy of being a new-age lender and are committed to helping unwaged people with sufficient funding. Indeed, the guaranteed approval does not come straightway because it requires sincerity and repayment commitment from the borrowers.

To make it easier for our borrowers, we have levied flexible conditions on our borrowers that will be very much comfortable for them. These are:

Proof of Part-time Earning

Keep yourself ready with the e-documents of your part-time income while applying for the loans. You do not have to visit us instead attach these documents with your loan query. We verify them within a few minutes and grant you the loan.

We accept unemployed benefits as a repayment source

Unlike other private lenders in the UK, we can accept your loan application even though you are living on benefits. We can allow them as your repayment source and give the nod to your loan application.

An Array of Short Term Loans for Unemployed

During the unemployment, the emergencies and expenses may vary from one individual to another. Some may apply for fulfilling the needs while some opt for different loan deals to get quick funding to accomplish their desires.

We have modernised our loan products where the borrowers will get a variety of options to choose from. When it comes to unemployed people, we already have plenty of lending deals available for them.

Here are those deals that definitely favour you in different circumstances:

Payday Loans for Unemployed: This is among the most popular loan product for the jobless people. We have gone one step ahead with offering fast cash advance payday loans for unemployed people living in the UK. No days or weeks, everything will be done online and completed within 24 hours. Again, we will accept application despite gaining the government’s benefits.

Start-up Loans for Unemployed: We are quite familiar with the scenario where some people quit their job to start their own business. It is indeed not easy for them, but they want to earn their income. We assist them in creating the opportunity for them through Instant start-up loans for unemployed, available on the competitive interest rates.

Is there any Doorstep facility on loans for unemployed?

Yes, we do provide the quick cash loans to your door for the unemployed situation. The procedure to put the query will remain online and on our website. You can follow the procedure by sitting at home through your PC or Smartphone. Here are the steps involved in the process:

  • Fill the online form with mandatory details and submit it. You can fetch our loan application form easily in your Smartphone too.
  • Once received, we quickly go through your details and send you a loan quote according to your financial circumstances.
  • Approve the quote, and subsequently, our representative will schedule a meeting on your chosen time and date.
  • Our agent will come to your home and start the procedure by clearing everything.
  • Once everything gets done during the meeting, our representative will hand over the desired cash that you can use for any of your loan purposes.

You can also confirm whether you want to make fortnight payment or go for our pay weekly options on loans for unemployed. Of course, you can also opt for our monthly repayment option. WE WILL SEND THE SAME AGENT TO YOUR HOME TO COLLECT THE REPAYMENT.

What Makes the Possibility of Quick Loans for Unemployed People?

One thing that every unemployed individual wants while seeking immediate funding access is the non-interference of anyone. Probably, you do not want to reveal your jobless condition to anyone. Therefore, you should choose a direct lender to have direct contact with your lending institution.

As far as direct lending is concerned, you will not find any better opportunity than at EasyCheapLoan (ECL) where instant loans for unemployed are assured with no guarantor needed. YES, we do not require any guarantor to give you loan approval. As we said earlier, we take only your income capacity as the criterion for guaranteed approval.

Moreover, our vast online presence opens the door for you to reach us directly. It means NO BROKER is needed to approach us. Come straight to us and create the opportunity to avail quick cash loans with not paying extra money to any third-party.

Does ECL Allow Loans for Unemployed with Bad Credit?

The extensive loan features at EasyCheapLoan also include the opportunity for jobless people with low credit profile. Our main objective is to make lending comfortable as much as we can for our prospective borrowers. Therefore, the guaranteed loan acceptance also comes for the unemployed and bad credit people.

No Credit Score Check

YES, this policy unwraps the lending opportunity for people with less-than-perfect credit history. We do not approach credit reference agencies to examine your credit rating. Instead, we are not interested in this and keep the base similar, i.e. your repayment capacity.

Not often you get the opportunities in your hand. Here, we provide the same for you. Click here to get the benefits of loans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees to counter unemployed curse.

FAQs for Loans for Unemployed

Can I get guaranteed loans for the unemployed?

Yes, EasyCheapLoans can assure you with the guaranteed approval on loans for unemployed. However, you need to convince us with your repayment capacity through part-time income and sincerity towards the loan procedure.

Where can I get unemployed loans with bad credit and no guarantor?

The best place is none other than the direct lender. Yes, this is the only place where you can expect such exemptions of getting unemployed loans with no issue of poor credit or the absence of a reliable guarantor. The lenders can agree to your loan application based on your repayment capacity.

How much amount will I get if I am Unemployed?

However, we are ready to offer you a maximum of £15000. Still, we decide the final amount only after having a discussion with you regarding your current financial scenario and your income capacity. We want to suggest you avail the amount as per your current need.

What if I fail to pay back for unemployed loans?

It can happen to anyone, but we do offer a buffer period of 10 days to make the repayments. Suppose after that period, you still do not make the repayment then you may have to pay the penalty for this. Therefore, we urge you to borrow the amount as per your capacity.

How can I get loans for unemployed without the job?

Multiple ways are there to get the loans for unemployed without having the job. Some of these are:

  • Get a loan based on your part-time earning;
  • Self employment can also attract a loan;
  • You can use your government’s benefits to get the loans;
  • If possible, arrange a guarantor who is employed somewhere;
  • Keep your credit score on the good track to allure the lenders’ attention.
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