In this hectic lifestyle, everyone requires a small funding help from somewhere. Whether there is a pending payment or utility bill or any other urgent expense, immediate financial assistance can prove to be the most useful solution to manipulate over the severe scenario.
At EasyCheapLoan, we approve your application for personal loans online irrespective of good or bad credit ratings. You can trust us as your most reliable financial partner in the UK, providing the best personal loans.


Personal loans are accessible at the marketplace in varied forms and features. The most common of them are the unsecured personal loans and secured personal loans. From the individual needs to the capacity, borrowers can opt for any of these loan types and realise their accomplishments.


Unsecured loans create an opportunity for the borrowers to avail necessary funds without keeping anything in the name of collateral. Most of the times, they are applied during the financial emergency.
Borrowed Amount Limit: £1000- £25000
Loan Term = 12 Months – 36 Months


You can apply for these loans to have features like:
Instant Approval: Since no collateral is there, you have the chance of gaining quick approval onto your loan application. Lender straightway checks your personal details and income status and allows approval within a few minutes.
No Risk of Losing Asset: You do not have to worry about losing the collateral because you have not pledged it. In case you miss the repayments, you literally on the safer side and can handle the situation with fewer burdens.
No Problem If You Have Bad Credit: It is perhaps the best loan feature. We have always dedicated our service for the poor credit people and brought personalised offers on unsecured loans for bad credit people with the instant decision is there too.


Secured loans belong to the long-term funding generally required to purchase a car, buying a home or mortgage. You can also Withdraw cash from your old car in the form of logbook loan. The borrowers have to backup the borrowed amount with a movable asset that can be their home or vehicle.
Borrowed Amount Limit: £1000- £50000
Loan Term = 36 Months – 96 Months


Following attributes of secured loans make them useful for financial revival:
Lower Interest Rates: When the given asset used as the repayment backup, the lender has the assurance of full payment. Therefore, we do not mind to offer the lowest possible interest rates on secured personal loans.
Best for long-term funding planning: Unlike small unsecured loans, these loans can ensure long-term funding access for the borrowers. Whatever their long-term goals, they can fund it with having sufficient money.
An ideal option for businesses: For start-ups, small firms and large firms too, these funding sources work well in growing their capitals. We can lend them on competitive interest rates and despite having bad credit of their business.

Steps to qualify for affordable personal loans with quick approval

Personal loans carry high-interest rates even if you have a stellar credit report because they do not require collateral. If you have a bad credit rating, you will likely face difficulties getting the loan approved. You cannot afford to have your application rejected whether you need it urgently or planned expenses. Understanding the fact that you cannot wait too long to get money and you want it at as affordable terms as possible, we make all our best to help you qualify for an affordable personal loan with quick approval. Here is how we are doing it.

  • You should have a strong and steady income source.
  • You should have a good payment record in recent time.
  • You should have a good employment history.
  • If you are already our customer, you will get these loans at the most competitive interest rates.


Not every solution brings similar results for two different individuals. The same thing applies to personal loans despite available on the best rates. As the responsible private lender in the UK, we feel it is our responsibility to familiar with when the loans suit or when do not. Here are the positives of loans compared with the risks involved.

Benefits of Personal Loans Possible Risks of Personal Loans
You can use the loans to consolidate your credit card’s pending payment. Since consolidating loans allow you to borrow up to the limit of your debt, you can take £2,000 loan or or £3,000 loan depending on the size of your outstanding debts. The cost will spread over a couple of months, so your score will likely go up. With the easy accessibility of the cheapest personal loans, you may become more prone to apply again and again. Even you can misuse the loan availed easily.
Personal loans give you the chance of making necessary changes with significant home improvement. You may need a large amount of money to do up your house, which is why £5,000 personal loans will be the perfect choice to accomplish your goal without any hassle. Lenders vary their interest rates too high or low, and sometimes, borrowers cannot recognise it. However, we can guarantee to be competitive in our prices whatever your credit score is.
Availing the bad credit personal loans can be useful for improving the credit profile. You can smoothly follow the repayment term and bring the score back on track. When you already have a lot of pending debts against your name, adding one more would make the unnecessary burden on to your monthly income. Other funding sources can be considered as taking money from friends or family members.


Does your credit score fall between 561-720 or even below to that?

Do you now want to improve it by taking another debt?

Are you confused about where to approach?

We provide the perfect solution to all the confusions that you have in your mind. Don’t feel surprised to know that our borrowers count us among the top online lenders of bad credit personal loans in the UK. We have framed the best deals in which features are elementary as well as productive.

Guaranteed acceptance of loans is our objective, and these deals focus on the same theme. The credit scores are not only the three-digit numbers. Instead, it is the scale to judge the financial credibility of a person.

Here are a few SUGGESTIONS to seek approval on your loan application with having a click on poor credit column:-

  • Prove that you are capable of bearing the repayment and making all the instalments on time;
  • Try to apply for a lower amount to borrow, as it helps you to repay quickly without any obstacle;
  • If the larger amount has to be availed, then backed it with a significant asset;
  • Having a guarantor with good credit history may also increase your chances of loan approval;
  • We follow soft credit score approach that also raises chances of acceptance.

An important note: EasyCheapLoan is known for its flexible lending policy. Thus, it is committed to helping people with its products as personal loans for bad credit with no guarantor as the additional benefit.


Borrowers have comfort here to borrow funds for satisfying their financial goals and needs. We are the responsible private lender in the UK marketplace and practice only the unbiased lending approach. We have the same application system on personal loans for fair credit or very poor credit score.
You have the liberty to apply through either your PC or Smartphone and to follow these given below steps:
STEP 1: Apply Online
Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. Fill out our online application form with details like loan amount, contact address, name, and other personal information.
STEP 2: Submit The Form And Wait For Approval
Once all the details carefully inserted, quickly click on to the submit button. Wait for only a few minutes to receive the approval message.
STEP 3: Receive the Amount
After approving your loan application, we instantly take the decision and releases the funds to your bank account subsequently.
As you can see, the simplest application method makes our deals among top-rated personal loans all over the UK.

Joint Personal Loans

To make process further easier, we allow our borrowers to apply for joint personal loans. They can do so by adding their friend or family member to borrow money together.

There is no haphazard in the process, as it is online. Once approved, you can use the amount to fund various projects like:

  • Home renovation
  • A Special event
  • A new business initiative
  • Purchasing a new car

You need to take a few precautions before opting for joint loans. For instance, your partner should not have any default and if the credit score is good, it will become better for your loan approval chances. Besides, it also helps in improving the credit scores, as well.


You cannot be unsure about loan purposes. Otherwise, it is worthless to apply. We urge you to have the ultimate and urgent purpose of going for personal loan options. However, we are not going to ask you questions regarding loan purposes, but we expect you have some reasons like:
Home Improvement: Does your home need a necessary improvement? Do you not have enough funds to do that? Nothing to worry because we bring the bespoke offers with low-interest rate personal loans.
To cover the Holiday Costs: Do not stop planning about the memorable vacations ahead just because of money deficiency. We have framed the best borrowing options for you to manage all the costs of the upcoming trip.
To fund medical treatment: Perhaps the best use of our personal loans is when you have to pay the medical bill of the ongoing treatment. Get quick loan approval to get the desired funds for purchasing medicines, paying hospital bills or hiring a health expert.
To complement the pension: Financial obstacles can arrive irrespective of the age factor. Many retiree people have regular or irregular expenses, which they have to deal with. With not sufficient pension amount, they seek additional funding that we provide with full dedication. We have exclusive deals for them like personal loans for pensioners living in the UK.
Financial problems should not distract the balance of your personal life. Therefore, do not wait too much rather deal with specific funding issues as soon as possible. Apply now and be eligible for the best APR personal loans whether you are residing in London, Manchester, Leeds or Birmingham. We are everywhere for your help.

FAQs for Bad Credit Personal Loans


Well, it depends on two factors.

  • First, how much amount do you need?
  • Second, what is your repayment capacity?

Lenders tend to know these aspects before assigning any amount. You make sure that you don’t ask for that amount which you later find difficult to repay.


When you have the bad credit score, getting a loan may be difficult, especially if you are seeking towards a bank or other traditional institution. However, direct lenders like Easy Cheap Loans are not reluctant to offer bad credit personal loans. We accept their loan application and provide loans on lenient terms.


Of course, yes. If you borrow the amount according to your financial capacity and repay it as per the given schedule, then you can quickly improve your credit score and open up more lending opportunities. Make a suitable choice of tenure, and by the time you pay off the funds, the credit score performance comes to a promising level.


At Easy Cheap Loans, it would take hardly a few minutes to get the loan approval. Yes, you read it right. We practice only the online application process that is backed by paperless procedures. An approval decision is immediate, and fund disbursal occurs on the same day. There is no impact on your credit score status on the speed of loan procedures. It is sure to stay speedy every time.


You need to have proper planning before opting for a loan. Do not assume that since the lender is providing loans on flexible terms, you can ask for any amount or any purpose. The lender always prefers those borrowers, who have the real reason for applying for the personal loan.


Through online lenders, you can get a personal loan fast and on time. There are plenty of direct lending companies that can provide you with funds on a much lower rate.

For instance, Easy Cheap Loans is an online lender that has lucrative deals on personal loans. Besides the lender, you too have an essential role to play. Your financial status is the most significant decisive factor to decide whether you qualify for funds or not.
The lenders have quite flexible policies. The loan offers that they offer according to your affordability and nothing goes beyond your reach on the repayments.


New age lending companies do not have constraints on the credit score status if your repay capacity is satisfactory. However, it is always good to keep in knowledge the basics of financial products.

Personal loans are quite frequent in demand. The lenders accept all the credit scores. They are – Excellent – 961 – 999, Good – 881 – 960, Fair – 721 – 880, Poor – 561 – 720. Very bad credit scorers 0 – 560 have fewer chances. But they can go to the lenders that provide very poor credit loans.

Such choices are rare in the loan market, but they do exist. According to credit score status, the treatment of deal changes and the interest rates and repayments too. However, in online lending, you can always have an excellent opportunity with good affordability.


No loan can hurt your credit score if you pay the instalments on time. Personal loans are helpful for your urgent needs. They are flexible in approach, and you get them in a short time.

Credit score has nothing to do with the loan type. It is precisely about your financial behaviour that decides the rise and fall of your credit score.

If you have a poor credit score, then bad credit personal loan deals help you get a boost in credit rating. The customised deals facilitate small instalments, which make repayments easy. Pay quickly and get an increase in credit ratings.

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