Bad Credit Personal Loans

£2,000 Loan – Money for Many Needs

Financial needs are sometimes predictable sometimes unpredictable, but whatever they are, you need funds to fulfil them. Not always your wallet or bank has the required amount of money for this purpose. For such conditions, £2,000 loan is designed to ensure timely and adequate assistance without any obligation. EasyCheapLoans offers this loan through a simplified, speedy procedure and delivers funds irrespective of credit score and employment status. We just need to see the confidence in your current income status, and then loan approval is not a difficult thing to provide.

Are You Looking For A £2,000 Loan? This Is Your Spot

If you are looking for some money to take a sigh of relief during a financial crisis, we are right here with a cheaper deal. We commit you to provide the best solutions for all and every need.

  • EasyCheapLoans makes your borrowing convenient through following features –
  • Instant approval decision
  • Borrow funds 24×7
  • No guarantor obligation
  • High approval rate of 99%
  • Borrow despite the bad credit
  • No prepayment penalty
  • No penalty up to two late payments

We keep every feature as a lender that can help you borrow money with ease. We want to make your financial conditions predictable with confidence that if a crisis happens, our 2000 pound loan is there to help you.

What Can A £2000 Loan Be Used For?

£2000 loan is quite versatile in its role and serves to multiple purposes. Think of any reason and this loan can help you get the task done with its flexibility. Here are some of the most common purposes that £2000 loan serve –

  • Emergency repairs at home
  • Home improvement
  • Festive preparations
  • Wedding arrangements
  • Educational purposes
  • Car repair/related expenses
  • House repairs

Your every need can be easily satisfied through Pound 2000 personal loan. All short to medium term financial requirements are manageable if you have such a loan product to explore and exploit whenever required.

How Much Do I Have To Pay Back Each Month for My £2000 Loan?

Your loan repayment depends on the tenure and loan amount you qualify for. The Pound 2000 loan with no guarantor has a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 36 months of tenure.

The repayment amount can be from a minimum of £340.39 to a maximum of £450.93.



  • Monthly salary for employed and earning for self-employed
  • Employment stability with a minimum of 6 months in the same job
  • Bank statement of last 6 months that you register with to get a loan

We also have a calculator to calculate £2000 loan repayments where you can check the approximate amount according to the interest rate.

If You Are An Unemployed Borrower Follow The Following Conditions

Yes, we give loans despite no job with some conditions that are necessary to complete if you need instant funds.

  • Show any sort of income source that we can authenticate
  • It is great if you have the appointment letter from the new company
  • Give ample proof if you are living on benefits, we consider it as income

You should make sure that all the above factors perform in the desired manner because that makes the borrowing smooth. For those with a good income, we provide £2000 payday loan based on your income.

Credit Checks On a £2000 Loan

A credit check is a vital part of the loan application, and when processing your request, we have to perform a credit score perusal and scrutiny of financial records. At the same time, we also understand the concern of those with no credit history and bad credit history. Such borrowers are afraid of the credit check and usually for something like £2000 loan with no credit check as an escape window.

We want to clear you that there is nothing like no credit check. If you want to avail funds without any search footprint, a soft credit check is the actual solution. It is sometimes called as no credit check because it leaves no footprint on the financial accounts or credit reports of the applicant.

  • Soft credit check includes the identity check, and footprint-free financial detail search to keep your finances uninfluenced.
  • You can always mention us the type of credit check you want – Hard credit check or Soft credit check, we do both.
  • A credit check is majorly available for those with no credit history and with poor credit history.

Can I borrow £2000 With Bad Credit?

Of course, you can borrow £2000 with bad credit if you follow some terms and conditions necessary to be sure about your borrowing experience. The lending industry has some lending parameters for the borrowers with poor credit rating. We do the same to give our applicants equal chance like the good credit people.

  • A bad credit score is fine, but the late payment incidents should not be consistent.
  • For a £2000 loan for bad credit with no guarantor, 9-month income proof may require (6 months for good credit score)
  • Showing additional income (rental, part-time/freelance income etc.) is beneficial to strengthen your creditworthiness.
  • Past flaws in payment record can be overlooked if you have improved recent financial behaviour. That is vital

The application process speed is fast for poor credit score people too. If you can manage to have the above conditions, get your £2000 loan today and say NO to the money crisis.

Am I Eligible For A £2000 Loan?

The eligibility criterion for the £2000 loan by the direct lender is almost similar all across the UK. The basic requirements on the eligibility part are the same, and they are not difficult to fulfil.

  • Current residential address
  • Registration in the electoral roll
  • A resident of the UK
  • A verified bank account
  • Authentic income source
  • Job continuity proof (in particular concern to those who came back to work after being furloughed due to corona)
  • Current earning proof for those who are still on a furlough

Why Choose Easy Cheap Loans?

We give you several reasons why you should choose us. Judge us through the window of our features and final decision is on your discretion –

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 100% paperless procedure
  • Customised deals
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Reach all across the UK
  • Exclusive offers for all customers
  • Low rate of interest

EasyCheapLoans aims to offer cheapest £2000 loan and help you at the when you need it most. We have served financial satisfaction for years to our customers through our short-term loans. We are sure to continue the same with uncompromised zeal and serve people to live a financially stress-free life.

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