Doorstep loans

Doorstep Loans – An Easy Way to Instant Cash in Hand

Are you among those who give priority to comfort when it comes to borrowing? If yes, then surely the doorstep funding that facilitates loans at home is the best solution for the employed and unemployed too. A constructive alternative to mainstream financial services, online lending has made borrowing funds at home much more comfortable. They are backed with immediate approval decisions and timely fund disbursement.

The instant door to door loans eliminates delays in the procedure and the worry that comes with it for the borrowers. It has become a demand of modern life where everything should be in a hurry. If you want to access cash immediately, then these loans are the perfect choice for you.

What attributes come with doorstep cash loans?

Direct lenders like EasyCheapLoans are concerned about your financial interests. It is why we offer loans with useful FEATURES such as:

  • A convenient option of personal funding
  • No involvement of hectic procedure
  • Hand-to-hand delivery of cash if application approved
  • Face-to-face meeting with lender’s agent
  • Providing a guarantor and pledging collateral is not obligatory

Why should you choose home collected cash loans?

There can be multiple REASONS to apply for small loans at your door. Some of them can be:

  • Safe and secure process
  • Instant cash access during urgency
  • Continue with your regular cash flow
  • Fewer chances of loan rejections
  • An ideal funding source for physically disabled persons

What are the things you need for loans like Provident?

Although not many CONDITIONS are there, still some of them are mandatory to follow:

  • Borrowers should have either full-time or part-time income source
  • Earning through self-employment is acceptable
  • Proof of identity may be required
  • A borrower should not be less than 18 years
  • Residing in the UK for at least 7 years

The Best You Can Get on Same Day Cash Loans to Your Door

Everyone wants to apply for loans like Provident and Greenwood, but we provide the ideal alternative to them. We have an experienced team of doorstep loan experts, who used to visit at borrowers’ home when they apply. They are qualified enough to guide borrowers on every loan term so that one can have the assurance of guaranteed same day loans at your door.

We have both the skill and expertise to prepare a loan product that matches to your circumstances. We have a facilitated online loan application system that anyone can use either from their PC or laptop or Smartphone. At here, the loan process works as:

Step One: Fill an online application form on our website


Step Two: Upload the scanned copy of a few documents that are required


Step Three: Once received, our agent call you immediately to confirm the meeting


Step Four: Within 24 hours, you can get the requested amount

It is the most straightforward process that you can follow and get the advantage of having doorstep(door to door loans) today.

How to Make Doorstep Loan Repayments

You have received loans, but now repaying it on time should be your priority. You must have used a loan calculator before applying and decided on the repayments. Simultaneously, you do not need to worry about the repayments because we give you comfort.

Our services are not limited to providing you with loans at home. We make sure that you pay the installments with equal convenience. For that, we give choices on the way you repay us. Customer satisfaction and borrower-friendly strategies are the two pillars that we stand on. We do not want to miss even a single chance to ensure comfort to our borrowers. Leaving no stone unturned to guarantee uncompromised financial solutions is a daily ritual for us.

Doorstep Loans

You have three options to repay the borrowed money:

  • Pay online using debit card, credit card or net banking
  • Automated payments on a set date (in case of weekend, payments will be deducted on next working day)
  • Request for our agent to visit your home for collecting regular payments

All these options put you in a comfort zone, but our suggestion would be on cash loans to your door and pay weekly basis.

Doorstep loans (Cash-at-Door) facility for Unemployed People

We take care of everyone’s finances, whether they have a poor credit score or no job in hand. For unemployed people, we always bring something special to them. At this time, we have embellished a personal deal on doorstep loans for unemployed people.

These loans bring the following benefits for your current financial scenario:

  • You can spend maximum time in job search rather than on the loan application;
  • Loans are available for any financial emergency for which they need cash around £1000 – £5000;
  • You can seek loan approval based on your part-time income that is generated through a rental property, freelancing or self-employment;
  • The Loan term can be up to 6 months or until finding a new employment;
  • Providing guarantor is not mandatory and same as pledging the collateral.

We do not change our policy just because you do not have a full-time job status right now. All the lending terms will remain the same as others are getting from us, including competitive APRs and flexible repayment terms.

The process of loan approval is as below:

Proof of Previous Employment

Attach the proof of previous jobs that you have done. Remember, you should not be unemployed for more than 6 months.

Verification of Part-Time Income

For certain approval, we prefer a small and quick verification of your part-time income. If everything looks fine, our representative arranges a meeting with you.

Loan Disbursal On The Same Day

Once our agent arrives at your home, share your loan requirements with him. After the deal is settled, the cash will be provided to you that requested in the loan application.

Can I Access Quick Cash Loans with Bad Credit Score?

Yes, you can. We are strictly against the stereotypical practices and reject every idea that says People with poor credit scores cannot get loans at home. Why not? If the applicant proves the creditworthiness in any possible manner, funds can be approved irrespective of credit score status.

Indeed, the online doors of EasyCheapLoans are opened for people with poor credit scores. Unlike other lenders in the UK, we have a pre-arranged deal on doorstep loans for unemployed & bad credit individuals. Do not bother on the high-interest rates because our loan rates are competitive all the time. Whether you want to fund your budget of a holiday trip or your car needs a sudden repair, apply anytime and anywhere for our cash in hand loans.

The Concept of ‘Cash Loans with No Credit Check’:

The possibility of getting short term loans with bad credit from direct lenders in the UK becomes a reality only through no credit check factor. We also follow the same and offer it with many more benefits. We do not assess the credit history of the borrowers while going through their loan applications. Approval usually comes on the basis of borrowers’ income capacity.

The facility of door-to-door loans with no credit check suits best to:

  • Medically unfit people
  • Women on maternity leave
  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Individuals applying for loans with no credit history

In a short time, we have been able to put our name into the most reliable doorstep lenders in the UK presenting instant cash loans with no credit check policy.

Why Only EasyCheapLoans?

We have set an ethical lending culture where every borrower is at the core during the final take on lending terms. We have a higher percentage of loan approval, whether the application is for doorstep loans for unemployed or loans with no credit check.

  • Expertise
  • Enthusiasm
  • Ethical Practices

These are the values on which we believe and work, and we have come out as the next best source of availing door loans such as Greenwoods personal credit. Show your repayment capacity to us, click on ‘apply now’ button and our agent is ready to serve your financial purpose.

FAQs for Doorstep Loans

Do I need to pay any charge or fee when the loan agent comes to my home?

No, certainly not. Ethically and professionally, there are no charges for the visit of the loan agent/representative to your place. You only need to provide the necessary documents and details about your financial transactions and income proof. Whether he comes to give cash after loan approval or to collect repayments, there is no price for that.


I have heard that direct lenders are quite stringent in repayment schedules. Is that true?

No. Direct/online lending is the most flexible and customer-friendly method of borrowing loans at home. The repayment schedules are prepared according to the convenience of the borrower. The following things come to facilitate ease on repayments.

  • The Borrower gives a date when the repayment can be made, and the same thing follows during the tenure.
  • During the loan term, the borrower can put a request to change the repayment schedule.
  • Part-payment is allowed without any fee. You can also pay off the complete loan without any hassle or expense.

I saw a different APR on your website but got a different rate when I took the loan. Why?

The APR displayed on the website is the representative rate. It may apply a more substantial or lesser amount than the one you ask for.

Two factors decide the APR of the loan deal

  • Market trends
  • The Creditworthiness of the applicant

The above situations are applicable in the case of all the borrowers. No lender can control to manipulate the APR as the ethics and rules of lending work on this aspect. It is precisely applicable unfailingly on all the deals of the loans at home to nullify the issues on the annual rates.

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