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For most households, challenging time is always there when it comes to their personal finance. They keep spending more and consequently face problems in repaying their debts. They have to borrow money with loans to meet their personal ends.

Recent studies in the UK show that around 40% of the locals with different income standards have been finding tough to manage their debts. It is affecting not only financially but mentally too. Still, you need to come out with a financial solution if you are among them.

At the same time, where to spend also requires special skills.

For example, you can use credit cards for particular situations like travel bookings. Still, if you are making using of it for regular expenses, then it will only increase your credit limit. In the end, you have to pay more debts that may disturb your regular household budget.

It means when you are in a financial emergency or filling a funding gap in managing a regular budget, you should get money from a direct lender. EasyCheapLoan is one such destination where you can borrow money sufficiently and balance your financial planning. It will improve your empowerment and enhance your financial security.

You can apply now for borrowing money today with any type of loan that matches your financial circumstances.

How to borrow money when I need it the most?

With insufficient savings, you have no other choice but to go for loans. It is indeed the finest but final solution when you want to borrow money instantly. You need money fast because it is hampering your financial progress.

When it is about to get funds, you have two options. One is traditional lending, and the other is modern-day online lending. Traditional lenders are the mainstream ones, like the banks where you can get loans anytime. However, they have certain norms which you need to follow. On the other hand, online lenders are the perfect alternatives to mainstream lenders.

The below-mentioned differences or similarities between these two sources will help you a lot whenever you are confused about how to borrow money.

Traditional Lenders Direct Lenders
They are a credible source of borrowing money with a proven track record. They are the ideal lending source when mainstream lenders have rejected you.
They offer almost all types of short-term and long-term loansto borrow money. These lenders are more specialised in small loan options available online. However, EasyCheaploan also offers long-term loans.
There will be fixed interest rates on every loan. Lenders are willing to offer both fixed and flexible interest rates.
Restrictions are there for those with poor credit issues. Specialised deals are available on loans for people with bad credit scores.
Loans are available with lots of obligations like guarantor and collateral. Unsecured loans are the preferable products of online lenders, as they can provide them instantly.

How is it possible to borrow money with bad credit?

Borrowing money through a loan involves many things like guarantor, collateral, income and credit score. Out of these, credit scores hold a special importance. It is the base for judging the financial credibility of the applicants before assigning them a loan. Scope is always there for those with good credit scores. But can you borrow money with bad credit?

Many individuals in the UK are facing the problem of low credit scores. It must be their own fault, or the circumstances have put them in such a position. Whether to solve any financial issue or to improve the credit score, borrowing money becomes intrinsic.

Traditional lenders may not pay attention to your loan request or charge higher interest rates. In such a scenario, we are the right lending place to seek financial help despite a less-than-perfect credit score. We provide bad credit loans to borrow money up to £10,000 and include multiple features, such as:

  • No guarantor required

Since we offer only affordable loans, you do not need any other person to owe your loan responsibility. You can easily manage the loan instalments from your monthly income and can enhance your credit record with ease.

  • No credit check

Do want to borrow money with no credit check option? You can get here because our loans are away from hard credit checks. We treat your loan request with a soft credit check, which will have no impact on your credit record.

  • Instant loan decision

You may think that we take time to make a loan decision on your loan because you have a poor credit score. It is incorrect, as our loans are away from formalities, which pave the way for quick loan acceptance.

What loan options are there to borrow money?

Financial situations differ among individuals, but we provide every solution for them. As the responsible direct lender in the UK, we vouch for offering various loans. You can pick the most appropriate of them to borrow money during a tricky financial situation.

Here, we have explained a few of them.

Personal loans

When it comes to one solution for multiple financial issues, personal loans should come at the top. You can use them for holidays, education, or even you can borrow money for Christmas, too.

Short-term Loans

Your small financial issues can easily be solved with loans for a shorter duration of a maximum of 12 months. These are unsecured loans and available for smaller amounts like £1000, £2000 or £5000.

Debt Consolidation Loans

The presence of many debts will haunt you at large. You need a quick solution that can only come through a loan for debt consolidation. These will have lower interest rates to pay.

Same-Day Loans

Financial emergencies will surprise you but you can manage them well with the help of sameday loans. These are like payday loans where you get a small lump-sum amount and repay on your next payday.

These are a few options, but we provide many more loans to borrow money in the UK. To know about them, you can contact our loan representatives now.

How does borrowing a loan from a direct lender benefit me?

Sources are many to get desired money but if you borrow a loan from a direct lender, you will qualify to avail multiple loan benefits. Before explaining them, we want to share a suggestion where you should seek an affordable amount only. You need to repay it later and missing or defaulting will cause badly to your credit score.

Get money from a direct lender and also these potential benefits:

Easy-to-apply: Borrowing money from us will be easier than ever before. We are 100% online and take away any formality that delays a loan decision for you.

Fast acceptance: Whether you have applied for short-term or long-term loans, we can guarantee you fast loan acceptance. Our loan experts are experienced enough to tackle loan applications quickly.

Convenient borrowing:With EasyCheapLoan, you will have everything smoothly. You do not require submitting too many documents or presenting collateral or guarantor to support your loan application.

Flexible deals than banks: We are a trustworthy direct lender and offer loans with extreme responsibility. You get the freedom to choose between fixed and variable interest rates. Repayment terms are also flexible.

Loans beyond the limitations of credit scores:We do not mind if you have a poor or very poor credit score. This helps us in making more specific loan offers exclusively for you. With a soft credit check, you find prospects of credit score enhancement.

What tips to follow if I want to borrow money to start a business?

Seeking a loan from a direct lender can help you in managing your personal finance. Do you know that chances are there to borrow money to start a business? EasyCheapLoan feels delighted to contribute to the fulfilment of your every financial aspiration.

It is easy now to fund your start-up dreams but a few precautions have to be taken care of. Below are some suggestions from our loan experts, which you can follow:

  • A loan is like another debt. If you are not sure how much debt you can handle from your monthly income, you should not go for a small business loan. Instead, you first analyse your business income and then decide whether to borrow money.
  • Comparing loans from different lending sources is very important. We say this despite being a direct lender because we always prefer to have a perfect deal for your business aspirations. You can compare our loans with any other lender in the UK.
  • When you are going to start a business, you should not opt for a long-term loan. A smaller loan should be enough for you because having heavy debts in the initial days will not be good for you.
  • You should be clear in your business loan purpose. However, we do not ask for this, but if you share your purpose with us, we can arrange a perfect deal matching your business needs.

These suggestions will prove vital when you are starting your business. Similarly, our experts also assist those want to borrow money for a small business.

Why to borrow money with EasyCheapLoan?

As our name suggests, we work hard to prepare easier and cheaper loans to borrow money in the UK. When it comes to ‘easy’, we have kept every loan on the online platform and away from unnecessary paperwork. For our feature called ‘cheaper’, we are determined to offer only affordable loans so that everyone can repay under the given loan term.

Apply for loans 24/7

Day or week does not matter. You can complete your loan application with us online with the least documentation.

Immediate outcomes

We do not delay the loan proceedings. As we have a digitalised lending system, everything will be quick.

Trusted lending place

You can trust us while borrowing money, as we have almost a 100% chance of loan approval and same-day funding.


How much money can I borrow at EasyCheapLoan?

Here, you can borrow money from £1000 to £50,000. However, the final amount will depend upon individual personal circumstances and affordability. Besides, the final amount is also determined by financial needs such as personal or business or type of loan, i.e. secured or unsecured.

Can I borrow money with no guarantor?

You do not have to worry at all if you do not have a person to co-sign the loan contract with you or take the responsibility of loan repayment. You have the option of applying for our no-guarantor loans and borrowing money as per your situation. We keep the interest rates on the competitive side.

How can I borrow money at low interest to buy a house?

The best way to get a loan with cheaper interest rates while purchasing a house is to make a high down payment. Another trick is to keep loan collateral or give a personal guarantee to convince the lender for low rates. However, if you approach EasyCheapLoan, you will always find interest rates, which are affordable to your monthly income.

Do I need to submit collateral to borrow money?

It is not necessary because we offer both secured and unsecured loans. If you have a personal asset to secure the loan amount, you can do so and get the benefits like a high borrowing limit and lower interest rates. You can get the same benefits even if you lack the collateral by giving a personal guarantee.

Can unemployed people borrow money with bad credit?

It is nothing that no loan is available for jobless individuals, especially when their credit scores are bad. Some options are available like we offer unemployed loans with bad credit. These will be short-term loans and available for small amounts. Features will be more like payday loans, but there will be longer loan duration.

What amount can I borrow if I need to start a business?

It depends upon your financial situation and current credit profile. However, we have set the borrowing limit from £5000 to £50,000. We suggest you choose an affordable amount manageable from your monthly earnings. Any missing repayment or defaulting will only harm your credit score.

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