Bad Credit Personal Loans


Young people have many plans for future and money is the key tool to fulfil them. Loans are available nowadays for people of every age. Loans for young people are designed to serve the financial requirements of the youthful people with countless desires. From their personal care expenses to their new business ideas, funds are easily attainable through the loans. The best part is, no obligation and no guarantor, feature makes the application process smoother. Also, there is no need to make parents sign the loan agreement. Are you among the young fund seekers?

EasyCheapLoans can help with affordable loan offers on a lower rate of interest. The repayments are always small, and the tenure part is also flexible. To be precise, we offer customised loans for young people at a lower total cost.

You can borrow for any-to-many purposes –

  • Wedding expenses
  • Debt consolidation
  • Business reasons
  • Luxury/ big purchase
  • Car purchase

Beneficiaries and Features for Loans for Young People

Get a bit more familiar with finance option for young people. You can set your priorities according to the actual nature of the loans through beneficiaries and features.

Beneficiaries of loans for young people


Care leavers




Beneficiaries of loans for young people

Features of loans for young people

Borrowers minimum 17 years old can apply

Applicants with bad credit situation can borrow

Instant approval decision with every deal

Timely fund disbursement on repaying capacity

If you talk about beneficiaries, we have no issues with the employment status if the fund applicant has an authentic source of income to prove repaying capacity. The features are as versatile as the youthful borrowers. On the point of minimum age, we are different from the other choices on loans for 18-year-olds with no credit history or guarantor and offer funds to those below 18. A 17-year-old can also get money through us.

We keep adding new qualities in our loan product to keep them parallel to the demand of the current financial market. In the recent corona pandemic, the offered deals are 1.5% lower rate than the other options available in the market. All our deals on the loans for 17-year-olds in the UK, aim to cover a wider area of beneficiaries. The intention is to deliver funds to more and more people.

Bad Credit History, No Credit History – Both Are Fine

Financial equality is a right that should be practiced by everyone irrespective of credit score status. To admire the futuristic and progressive efforts of the young people, we offer funds through first time loans with no credit history and bad credit loans for young people. If the purpose is constructive and repaying capability is satisfactory, fund approval is possible. Here are the terms and conditions you need to fulfil with a bit difference, according to the credit score status. You can easily arrange all the asked things because the lending policies are simple and predictable. Our lending policy is not conservative on the part of age due to credit score issues. We never say that we offer loans for under 21-year-olds only or to only those under 22 or something like that. New aged finance industry gives you the right to borrow irrespective of the financial past.

Income proof through any authentic source Credit check but with soft search
Income-outgoing ratio (monthly expenses) minimum 60:40 Improved recent financial behaviour
No multiple search footprints of various applications Income stability proof with necessary financial details

Mistakes Young People Make While Applying For Funds

We have an experience that due to ignorance of the financial market and products, the young loan applicants make mistakes while applying. These mistakes make them prone to rejection and unnecessarily either delay the borrowing process or snatch the borrowing chance. If you want to get the money right away, you should read about them and make sure that nothing is wrong at least on your part.

  • Not checking the credit report – Did you know that more than 70% of young people in the UK do not check their credit report? This eye-opener fact should divert your attention to the significance of credit report check. Sometimes, wrong information or detail finds space in your financial records and then causes degrade in credit score. As a result, your loan application may get rejected.
  • Applying for an amount that is not affordable – One of the biggest mistakes the young minds do is acting over-confident when they apply for a loan amount that they cannot repay. Such habit causes a rejection of the loan application. Make sure you do not take this wrong turn. Use the loan calculator to know your affordability and the monthly cost of a loan deal according to a certain amount. Affordability is the most critical factor for a borrower.
  • Making multiple applications to multiple lenders – It happens due to ignorance on the impact of search footprint. Multiple loan requests to varied lenders at the same time leave a footprint on your financial records that tell you have applied to so many places. It makes the applicant look credit hungry and creates doubt in the lender’s mind on the financial condition of the borrower.

If you avoid the above mistakes and apply with a strong repaying capacity, attainment of funds can be easy and convenient. Every financial product has some rules, and the flaws mentioned above make you act against the nature of the loans for young people. Stay cautious and you can get a ‘Yes’ soon.

Why EasyCheapLoans for Loans for Young People

We want the existing as well as prospective customers to know us well. For that, here is the display of some of our prime qualities. Everything we have is for your financial well-being and ease.

  • Transparency through timely notifications of the latest status of your application
  • Secured loan procedure, the details remain safe with no transfer to any third party
  • Instant approval decision that is followed fund disbursal at the right time
  • Loan offers at the competitive rates with no upfront fee or hidden charges

We believe that no one should be devoid of financial assistance. Through a rational approach, we try to extend our financial services to more and more people in the shortest possible time. We aim to help the young people flourish in life, and for that whenever they need financial assistance, we are there 24×7, 365 days.

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