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Have you just shifted to a new address in the UK and looking for a no guarantor loan? Are you facing a tough time in identifying a guarantor for your quick loan requirement? If such are your worries then start smiling! You have landed at the right lending place. We, at Easy Cheap Loan, offer the simplest and affordable loan solutions in a personalised way.

We don’t believe in complicating your financial crisis by asking collateral or a guarantor. So, for availing any kind of loan with us, you don’t have to pledge your lovely home or run door-to-door for getting a guarantor. Just fill a simple online form on our website and rest our team of competent lending consultants will take care of.

Our sole motto at Easy Cheap Loan is to solve your financial emergency with the RIGHT lending solution at a cheaper interest rate.You can avail any loan amount without paying any extra fee.

An Instant Decision Loan without a Guarantor and a Broker

Are you looking for loans for bad credit, no guarantor, and no fees; approved on an instant decision? We at Easy Cheap Loan take pride of offering direct financial help to people in the UK who are in the mid of a financial emergency and feel helpless. We are NOT brokers, so no commission charges, and hence our lending service is completely FREE!

Whether it is a short-term loan, or a long-term loan, or a cash advance loan, we take instant decisions on the loan approvals so that you can overcome your financial woes at the earliest. We are quite allergic to paperwork and hence ask NOT a single document before approving a no guarantor loan.

Loans for Bad Credit People with No Guarantor and No Fee

We understand how much helpless the bad credit people feel in the UK when they face sudden financial crunches. We are not typical lenders who strive for the high credit score customers and avoid bad credit customers. We believe in equality and offer complete financial freedom to bad credit customers as well as good credit customers.

Our very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker are designed in such a way that our customers don’t have to face any dilemma while applying for the loans online. We don’t charge any extra fee for our bad credit service.

No Credit Check! No More Embarrassment!

Do you want to avoid the credit check step? Do you want to hide your credit history from the lender? Well, yes, it can happen at Easy Cheap Loan. We know how much your time is crucial and so don’t screen our customers for the credit check. Our loans for poor credit with no guarantor can be availed at cheaper interest rates.