At Easycheaploan, we consider aspects other than credit score for approval. For instance, applicants with regular/part-time/genuine income sources can easily qualify for these short-term instantlment loans.

Loan amount £1000-£10000
Who may apply Students, tenants,single parents, employed and self-employed
Repayment period 12 -36 months
Ideal for Individuals with bad or poor credit history

How do loans for poor credit with no guarantor benefit you?

The primary benefit of a loan without a guarantor for poor credit is credit score improvement. It grants one the opportunity to build credit from scratch. Making regular payments without third-party support helps here. Here are other benefits of seeking a loan with no guarantor despite having a very bad credit score:

  • Quick funds access without a guarantor

    Finding a suitable guarantor with a low credit history is challenging. Instead, it curbs extra time when you need money quickly. Alternatively, you may get instant cash loans with no guarantor by proving affordability. Individuals with responsible financial management get quick approval. We sanction the funds within 15 minutes of the application approval.

  • Prevents your relationships

    A quick cash transfer without a guarantor safeguards the relationship from turning sour. If you or the other person cannot repay it on time, the loan will enter default. It impacts the credit score of both persons. It affects your relationship with the person. Alternatively, a loan without a guarantor eliminates any such burden/regrets. It grants you the opportunity to manage short backs alone.

  • Fixed / variable interest rates

    The terms on no guarantor loans remain fixed. It is perfect for individuals with bad credit seeking a loan that they can budget for. You can do so without worrying about economic fluctuations. Instead, get variable-interest loans if you want to benefit from fluctuating interest rates. If the economy improves, the interest rates decrease and vice versa. It reduces monthly repayment amount and overall loan costs.

  • Filling the funding gap during large purchases

    Whether you want to purchase a home or a car, these loans help. You can even use it to cover a mortgage deposit gap. A deposit enables you to fetch better mortgage rates and reduce liabilities. Secondly, you can also use it to pay over a car finance/loan repayment. Skipping payment may risk losing the car. Therefore, cover it hassle-free with these loans.

  • No compulsion for loan collateral

    These loans do not require you to pledge your belongings. It is ideal for individuals seeking non-guarantor loans without risking assets. Collateral reduces overall loan costs and fetches you better rates. However, you can do so with unsecured no guarantor loan, too. Individuals with recurring/high income, low debts, no recent CCJ, and responsible behaviour may get low-interest quotes.

  • You become financially responsible

    No guarantor loans grant an opportunity to update credit, reduce unnecessary expenses, and make regular payments. It makes you financially responsible towards a single goal. If you took a long-term non-guarantor loan for suppose 3 years, regular payments help. It helps you build a healthy credit history, streamlines finances and boosts your credit rating.

What does a no-guarantor loan for poor credit help with?

You may need extra cash to pay the rental dues. Sometimes, emergencies like medical urgency impact the capacity. Here, personal loans for bad credit with no guarantor help bridge payments.

You can also utilise the loan amount to finance the complete amount and repay later. It prevents you from penalty costs or fines that a landlord may impose. Here are other potential purposes that you can settle with no guarantor loans:

  • Helps with gadget repair

    If you hold a laptop, smartphone, tablet or other gadgets, they require repair. Issues like battery, broken glass, or heating sometimes impact the functioning. These repairs may cost £6000 or more. Therefore, you can bridge a little cash flexibility with these loans.

  • Purchase software for business needs

    Young entrepreneurs require software that helps them save on labour costs and time. If your business suffers without one, buy it. Finance the costs with reliable small business loans for bad credit with no guarantor requirement. You may get one from a direct lender by revealing the projects and the previous month’s earnings.

  • Plan a weekend gateway with friends

    If you need a holiday badly but need more money to plan due to low savings, these loans may help. It may cost around £12000 for a weekend gateway. However, as a group of 3, you must pay £4000 each. Plan your weekend trip today with personalised same-day loans.

  • Settle debts smartly

    Your profile may reveal debts like grocery bills, utilities, credit cards, or payday loans. It impacts your credit score drastically. Boost your credit by paying debts at once. Check debt consolidation loans for bad credit in the UKmarketplace. You may get one with no guarantor from a direct lendernearby. It improves the tendency to get better-rate loans and credit cards.

How to get no guarantor loans for a poor credit score?

Applying for a loan without a guarantor for less than perfect history requires financial analysis. Check the pending payments that you can clear now. It improves the chances of approval. Additionally, update the personal details on the electoral roll before applying. Follow the below process for an instant non-guarantor loan with a poor credit score:

  • Analyse the eligibility criteria

    We have straightforward eligibility criteria for approval. Individuals with low credit scores may easily qualify. You may be eligible if:

    • You are a permanent UK citizen
    • You have a relevant bank account with direct debit
    • Earn at least £800/month
    • Share the potential to meet loan payments
    • Have a well-managed credit profile without recent CCJ, bankruptcy or default
  • Apply with the right amount

    Analyse the total amount you may qualify for on very bad credit loans with no guarantor requirement. If you need clarification, an expert direct lender may help. For example, we calculate the amount you can afford by calculating income, interest costs, monthly payments, loan repayment terms, etc. Therefore, suggest an amount that you can comfortably afford.

  • Keep income proof ready

    Only individuals with genuine proof get instant approval. Additionally, check whether the amount requirement aligns with the proof.

    We also help out-of-job individuals meet cash emergencies. You may get loans for the unemployed with no guarantorand minimal proof of income. You may get one with evidence of relevant part-time work. However, if you solely rely on benefits, you must provide additional proof. If not comfortable with a guarantor, pledge an asset. The asset must value more than the amount you need. It may help you get instant approval.

  • Get instant cash

    After analysing your proof of income, we will approve it immediately. However, we will deny the approval if your income and liabilities exceed the basic repayment costs, which affects the survival budget.

No Guarantor Loan Infographic

How to get guaranteed approval loans without a guarantor?

You can get 100% acceptance loans with no guarantor today. As a responsible direct lender, we provide one after careful credit assessment. This is because 100% acceptance implies instant approval if you meet the affordability.

Responsible lenders consider both income and disposable income for affordable lending. They help the borrower choose the best payment module. Consider the below standards to get guaranteed approval on loans.

  • Compare quotes before applying

    Choose a loan provider that provides affordable loans with more flexibility on payments. Individuals with poor credit and inconsistent but good income may benefit from this. A broker may help but charges a fee. Get very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no brokerfrom a responsible lending place, like us,in the UK today. We do not charge any extra fee.Instead, keep the costs transparent. You only pay what you must according to the agreement. However, missed payments or rollovers may increase the costs.

  • Educate yourself on loan terms

    Knowing the loan terms like APR, interest rates, prepayment costs, etc., helps you make the right decision. Otherwise, you may get the wrong amount and pay high interest. We may help you with a quick guide on these terms for well-educated loans.

  • Analyse the monthly repayments

    Utilise a loan calculator to understand monthly payments better. Choose a comfortable amount to repay every month on the loan. For example- if you borrow £5600 for urgent home repair at 13.6% APR, your repayments may look like this:

Loan amount £5600
Loan term 6.8% (fixed)
APR 13.6% (fixed)
Monthly repayment £265.76
Total amount repayable £6378.24

Analysing costs, repayments and additional costs is helpful. You can get bad credit loans with guaranteed approval instantly and no guarantor needed from a direct lender like us.You can reschedule payments or clear dues (1month before the closure). It saves you extra costs.

Why is Easycheaploan the right choice for no guarantor loans?

Whether you need funds for short-term or medium-term needs, you get safe and encrypted loans. The information you provide remains secret, and it stays under the standard Data Protection legislation. Furthermore, our no-guarantor loans are for personal needs.

We educate the borrowers on the usage of these loans and their potential benefits and impact. It helps us ensure affordable loan approval. We confirm the borrowing amount by asking a few questions:

  • Do you understand the terms, interest rates and additional costs?
  • Are you comfortable with the borrowing amount?
  • Do you have any hesitations? If yes, Ask.

It is the reason individuals trust us with regulated, responsible, and affordable loans. It additionally helps one pay repayments on time.

You cannot pay anymore? Not a problem. We re-plan your repayments by analysing current affordability. The new repayment plan helps you repay timely without difficulty. Likewise, you can count on us for any need without second thoughts.


Who is a guarantor on a loan?

A guarantor is a third-person guarantee on a loan agreement that improves the borrower’s chances of getting a loan.He pays on the borrower’s behalf if he cannot afford to.He is generally a close acquaintance of the borrower with a good income and credit score. If the borrower can’t, he may qualify if he can comfortably pay the dues.

Do you check credit score to get loans without guarantor?

No legalised or responsible lender provides a loan without a basic credit check. We conduct credit assessments before approval. The credit screening helps us analyse your affordability, liabilities, and income. This arrangement helps us analyse the amount you can legally get. Your credit score remains the same after the initial check. However, it may drop if you skip loan payments.

Can I get a loan with a CCJ issue without collateral?

Yes, you may get no guarantor loan without collateral despite a CCJ. It is an unsecured personal loan that prioritises affordability as the primary parameter. Individuals with responsible finances, low debts, and no recent CCJ may qualify. Additionally, you get the loan if your application details align with proofs.

As an unemployed person, you may need to provide collateral for approval. This is because a loan approval without any income, guarantor, or part-time income may significantly affect your life.

What to do if you don’t have a guarantor?

Check your monthly income and savings. Does it meet the need? If not, consider income from alternative sources like dividends, rental income, part-time gigs, etc. If you still need cash but share bad credit, no guarantor loans may help. Provide consistent and basic proof to repay the loan in a timely and get instant approval.

How to avoid missing payments on loans without a guarantor?

No guarantor loans share competitive interest rates. This implies that missing payments may increase overall payable costs. You can avoid it by:

  • Setting direct debits
  • Improving income
  • Budgeting in a separate bank account
  • Reducing unnecessary expenses
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