Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad credit business loans to be future-ready

The entrepreneurial spirit is high in the UK. People want to start their own business to be their own boss. Still, starting a business and running it has its own challenges. Here are two contradictory details about start-ups in the United Kingdom.

Over one-third of the population wants to own a business, and one in 20 people has started one. However, over 5% of new businesses fail in the same year they start. Only above one-third of them survive up to the first five years.

The facts tell that a good number of people have an entrepreneurial spirit. This is good, but without proper financial planning, existence becomes difficult. Start-ups are always in constant need of money. Many business owners struggle with the prevalent issue of bad credit scores. Getting a loan can be a solution, but poor credit sometimes makes it impossible. So what’s the way out?

It is time to break the stereotypes and try an alternative to conventional lending called direct lending. The latter is known for providing funds to make approval decisions based on repayment capacity and not only credit score. Start-up bad credit business loans are conveniently available to new dreamers who want to be doers if they get timely financial support.

Easycheaploan is a one-stop solution provider for all kinds of startup loans requirements. You can get a loan now by following a quick online process. Apply now or call for any query about small business loans. We are here 24×7 to guide you for instant money deposit.

What is a bad credit business loan?

A start-up business loan with poor credit is specifically relevant for business owners with a poor financial history. Missed repayments, pending credit card payments, and CCJs are some examples.

Loans for business with bad credit allow owners to borrow money at the time of money crisis. Due to bad credit, mainstream lenders do not approve funds quickly. As a result, direct lending has invented several specialised products serving specific situations.

Bad credit start-up business loans highlights

Loan tenure 3 months to 36 months

Money deposit in maximum 24 hours

Loan approval rate 98%

No early repayment charges

Lenders make approval decisions based on several factors other than credit score. These can include the past six months’ bank statements, debt affordability, and any hint of improved financial behaviour.

If you are running your business, you should feel relieved, as such options are always last-minute saviours. Loans are always customised to customers’ needs, resulting in lowinterest rates and small repayments.

The less risky you sound to the lender, the higher the chances of getting bad credit business loans from a direct lender. Always remember that you can qualify for funds, as long as you are ready to make efforts for credit score improvement. If you can show that you have made some recent timely payments, quick loan approval becomes possible. After that, a timely fund deposit is the next good thing to happen.

Will my personal credit score matter be under scrutiny?

If your business credit score is less-than-perfect, the lender may be curious about your personal credit score. The reason is that the fund provider may offer a loan on your personal guarantee. This means that if your business fails to repay, you will have to repay. Through a personal guarantee, it becomes possible to get a start-up business loan for bad credit with no guarantor. It is essential to work on your personal financial records before applying for a loan.

The commercial entity you run connects to your personal credit score in many ways. Just like at the time of company registration, your personal finances are considered. Similarly, when the business comes into existence, it depends more on your personal finances. In case of a poor credit situation, it becomes even more critical to support your business. The owner and his business are like two sides of a coin. If one is affected, the other will get affected too.

A good personal credit score is a promising sign for lenders. They can even approve long-term business loans for bad credit. Yes, long-term loans have collateral to manage eligibility. You know well that credit score will still catch the attention of the direct lenders.

Why not play safe and have a good credit score? Your business may need you at any point in time. At Easycheaploan, we offer poor credit loan solutions for businesses with all types of financial and credit score situations. Are you looking for funds? Let’s talk orapply now to get money faster than you can expect.

Factors thataffect your eligibility for bad credit business loans

Every loan eligibility criterion considers some aspects. They can affect the loan on instant decision. You should pay more attention to all those factors. If you want to apply for business loans for bad credit on instant approval, then know about them. Read below the aspects that you need to take care of.

  • Trading history – A short or no trading history can negatively affect loan chances. However, this is based on the policies of the lenders. We can fund you easily even if your trading history is as short as 3 months.
  • Business CCJs –Start-ups are prone to CCJs.It can be a clear reason for a lender to reject a bad credit and business loan. However, if you can prove your repayment capacity at the current time, you can have a chance.
  • Director’s history – You may be running a successful business currently. However, if you have been the director of a failed or underperforming business in the past, lenders may have some concerns about it.
  • Multiple loan applications – If you applied to many lenders before applying to the current loan provider, your application will show multiple credit checks. As a result, loan rejection may happen. It is best to compare and apply to the lender that is best in your eyes.
  • Winding up orders –Start-ups usually fail to meet order requirements. If you have had any winding-up orders in your name in the past, your loan application may be affected. Even if the orders were cancelled, your loan application could be negatively impacted.

How do you get business loans with bad credit?

This talks about the actual concern. A start-up applies for a loan only if it is in through need of funds, as a small entity does not want to have many obligations. This is the reason that you may want bad credit business loans on guaranteed approval in the UK. In such a situation, poor credit score becomes a big concern. However, with several ways, one can get funds despite a poor credit score.

  • Audit your credit report –First things first, it is always essential to audit your credit report. Errors in the report can make things worse for you. Check it and improve it before you apply forbusiness loan in the UK.
  • Limit credit applications –A credit thirsty applicant never wins the trust of the lenders. Limit your credit applications and apply to only one loan provider. Multiple credit checks will show on your credit report.
  • Keep your address information updated –If you have changed your address, inform your directors, suppliers, and credit agencies about it. Due to information gaps, the lender may face difficulty during verification.
  • Ensure timely account filing –If your start-up has completed its first year, then you should know this. Make sure your accounts are filed on time as delayed account filing is the first that comes under the notice of the loan companies.
  • Pay your invoices timely –Pending bills to suppliers affect your credit score as well as goodwill. Both are important to get bad credit start-up business loans on guaranteed approval. If you want to obtain funds at a lower rate, you will have to pay the invoices on time.

How can I improve my bad credit score to get a business loan?

Many ways can help you improve your credit score for business. In fact, you should work on your personal and business credit score. Both the owner and business supplement each other. Whether you are applying for business loans for sole traders with bad credit or a private limited company, a credit score is important. Read below to learn what can help you improve your credit rating and get funds.

How to improve business credit score How to improve personal credit score

Repay debts on time as this is the first thing that derails your credit record.

Repay personal obligations timely. Whether a business or an individual, this aspect is same.

Complete your orders on time. A start-up has to be cautious about its current and past orders. Pending ones at the time of application can affect your credit score.

Keep a mix of financial products. Loans, credit cards, mutual fund investments, stocks, etc. This shows that a person can easily handle his finances in various ways.

Take care of your goodwill, and do not let anything wrong spread in the market against you. In that case, your investors may drop the idea of investing in your start-up. Money scarcity can cause poor cash flow and, in turn, a poor credit score.

For a business owner, his reputation may affect his business. Imagine a business with a good financial record but the owner is notorious for some clear reasons. Gradually lenders and investors will stop funding his commercial entity as well.


What credit score is needed to get a business loan for bad credit?

All loan companies follow the credit score chart created by the credit reference agencies. The chart shows varied levels of credit rating, denoting them with the tags of excellent 961-999, good 881-960, fair 721-880, poor 561-720, and very poor 0-560. At Easycheaploan, we consider a business until it has a bad credit score. This is unlike other lenders, which consider only up to a fair credit score rating level. The chart is as follows.

Do I need to deposit to get business loans for low scores?

No, you don’t need to deposit funds for bad credit business loans. The loan is approved based on a business’s repayment capacity. In fact, if a lender asks you to deposit money, it is best to look for another option. At Easycheaploan, we do not have any such condition. Call now and ask whatever you want to get clarity on this aspect. A good conversation is always the best way to make wise financial decisions.

Is it necessary to make a business plan to get a loan?

A business plan is vital for a start-up to get a loan. The reasons are obvious: Start-ups are always uncertain about their financials and future growth possibilities. Lenders check a business plan to see how strongly a new business is moving forward. However, it is not difficult to present a business plan to a lender. After all, every start-up owner makes a business plan. In fact, it helps to prove financial stability to loan companies.

Can I get a business loan with very bad credit score?

For a start-up, a very bad credit score situation can come fast (not with all start-ups). They are vulnerable to many factors as newcomers in the market. Usually, it is a tough job for a lender to trust a business with the worst credit score. You know what? We would still like to give you some hope. Loan approval depends on business-to-business. If you have started improving your business finances, we may figure out some ways to approve your funds.

How touse a business loan repayment calculator?

It’s a cakewalk to use as a loan repayment calculator. Just fill in some basic details like your business name and amount required and click on the option to calculate/get started. In the next second, you will get an approximate loan amount with a monthly instalment size. So, technically, there is no need to ask anyone for help. Just visit the website, fill in your details and get your answer.

Where to get loan for low credit business from lenders?

Well, the best lenders are not visible easily. You have to search for them online, shortlist them, compare them, and then spot the best one. There are plenty of deals on business loans for bad credit on the instant approval.However, you should try to select the one with flexible policies. At Easycheaploan, we offer personalized loan deals with cheaper rates and repayments. For more questions, contact us now.

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