Small Business Loans


Today’s world is so competitive and no business wants to stick behind due to a sudden financial obstruction. Everyone wants business to grow and business loans can play a huge role in it. It is time to know your potential and take the benefits of new lending trends going around the marketplace. EasyCheapLoan, as being one of the most preferred online direct lenders in UK, is presenting loans through a fully modernised approach and allow you to borrow amount from £5000 to £70000 to take your venture at the new standard.

Borrowing from us means favourable repayment terms from 6 to 60 months that will not cost you too much in your monthly earnings. With easy borrowing, you can accomplish multiple tasks, for instance:

  • Increasing additional staff into your team
  • Extra expenses to enhance internal infrastructure
  • Taking your businesses to new locations
  • Arrange more money to invest in new business deals
  • Hardware and software improvement
  • Renovation of office premises
  • Buying new appliances


EasyCheapLoan does the huge favour for those business owners, who possess either large scale enterprise or a small scale one. However, the demands and aspirations can differ to each other but we do not follow the biased lending approach, and follow the same method while funding through online business loans.

Large Business Loans

For some of the business firms, availing a small amount is not just enough especially when they want major changes to their existing one. As a responsible direct lender, we provide sufficient funding access to the large scale companies, which further provide assistance in the fulfilment of their multiple requirements. These are:

  • Large commercial real-estate necessities
  • Purchasing machinery or required equipments
  • Hiring extra personnel to complete a large order
  • Funding for advertising their products
  • Doing a big business investments

We offer personalised lending offers on large business loans, which include low interest rates and easy-to-follow repayment schedule.

Small Business Loans

The start-up business loans are largely provided for the tiny amount required for the small business needs. Most of the firms with either no credit history or bad credit history can easily avail these loans. We provide customised deals with latest features that include instant approval, loan terms from 6 months to 48 months, nominal interest rates and no or soft credit check. Why these loans are beneficial? Answers are here:

  • Instant access of desired funds
  • Best lending source for limited credit history
  • Funds come easily by keeping collateral of equal value
  • Either collateral or guarantor required
  • Best option for young business professionals

The loan terms are comparatively flexible in such commercial short term  loans because most of the start-ups are not able to follow the entire obligations, as they have very little cash flow to their businesses.


Do you want to enhance your start-up business? Is applying for loans only option you have? If your answer is yes then you are at the right lending hub to opt for unsecured business loans. But wait? You might have one more question in your mind. Do you need collateral to avail the loan option? The answer is simply, ‘No’.

You do not need to pledge any property or asset to secure your business loan because we do not think such thing necessary especially when someone is asking for small funds to borrow. Here are some of the features of our best unsecured loan.

  • Loan acceptance despite low working capital
  • Easy to qualify and less formalities involved
  • Updated interest rates are assured
  • Equivalent funding for self-employed businesses
  • Fair or bad credit scores are accepted
  • Loan deals suited for every budget and requirement


Well-tailored commercial financing for UK businesses, this is what we live for and we vouch for.

We understand that you will do comparison of the lenders before coming into any conclusion. You are here after exploring the search engines to get the finest deal on business loans. At EasyCheapLoan, you will get the deal where there is always a possibility of the fast business loan with minimum documentation and less obligations involved.

Our Loans for Your Business Other Direct Lenders
Individualised lending term and payment alternatives Fixed loan term in most of the time
Flexible interest rates Preset rates of interest, especially in terms of traditional lenders
Liberty to make extra loan repayments with no penalties at all Significant fee applicable on prepayment or late payment
When apply for small business loans no guarantor is mandatory at all Guarantor and co-signer are mandatory to assure the loan repayments.
Personalised support to every borrower and to avoid any mistake Assistance comes only at the procedural level

We provide the much needed financial fuel to your business journey no matter you run a small scale enterprise or a large one. Apply now for our hassle free business loans and be eligible for quick as well as guaranteed approval.

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