Individuals with debts, delinquencies, bankruptcy or CCJs may seek these loans with a 100% approval rate for emergencies. However, the interest rates on such loans stay competitive. It means loan costs may be slightly higher than those with a stellar credit score.

At Easycheaploan, we analyse income, employment history, and aspects other than credit score to gauge affordability. Individuals may qualify instantly by providing proof of relevant income.

Loan amount(in pounds) Term (months)
1000-10000 12-36 months

If you need a higher amount than £10000 for low credit and income, you must provide a guarantor or collateral to qualify.

For example, you need a guarantor if you need £25000 for urgent kitchen repair with bad credit and an income of £8000/month. It is because your income and low credit do not meet the criteria. A guarantor’s income (£20000/month) strengthens the application and leads to instant approval.

How are guaranteed loans for bad credit beneficial?

We understand that a crucial cash crisis requires assistance from immediate funds. You may get instant cash without providing detailed form filling and documentation. You only provide basic information to get the loan. Additionally, we do not ask for any sensitive information.

You may qualify only by providing your name, email, contact information, amount requirement, and purpose. Here are other benefits ofguaranteed loans for bad credit from a direct lender like us:

  • Have a high approval rate for everyone

    Individuals facing constant rejection may benefit from these loans with a 100% approval rate. These loans have high acceptance rates in comparison to other personal loans. You may get a loan if you meet the basic eligibility criteria. Individuals with pending rental payments may also qualify.

  • Fixed interest rates help you budget

    Unlike credit cards, you always know the total amount to pay monthly. We provide a detailed overview/agreement regarding loan usage and repayments. The monthly repayment amount remains the same until the loan term. However, it may increase if you skip a payment.

    You may choose to repay the loan for up to 36 months. The repayment period depends on your affordability and liabilities.

  • Grants opportunity to build credit

    Individuals with a low credit history can benefit from guaranteed loans. It helps them repair their credit score with consistent payments. Paying without skipping payments creates a positive impression on your credit profile. Therefore, it boosts your credit score. A higher credit score helps one achieve better interest rates and terms on future loans/credits.

  • Get cash for repeat requirements instantly

    You can use it to finance utility bills multiple times. However, analyse your savings before applying. It will help you analyse the amount requirements and urgency. If you cannot wait until payday or risk the penalty, pay it with these loans. You may contact the direct lender for bad credit loans on guaranteed approval immediately. You don’t need to apply for details if you already have a profile with us. Instead, you may get approval and cash quickly. Moreover, you can borrow more as a responsible borrower with us.

  • Authorised and secured payment channel

    If you share second thoughts regarding 100% approval loans, don’t worry. We may help you clear every doubt with 1:1 interaction. We ensure authorized and secured payment channels with standardised encryption. It prevents data sharing.

Who may get guaranteed loans with a bad credit history?

As mentioned above, these loans do not focus on credit scores alone. Individuals with a responsible credit profile and reliable income can qualify. We analyse the affordability quickly by utilising advanced technology. You do not have to wait for hours. Instead, we provide a decision regarding eligibility within 5 minutes. The criteria may vary across other loan providers. You may be eligible if you meet the requirements below.

  • Individuals aged 18+ with income £5000/month or more.

    Students, tenants, working individuals, and self-employed individuals above 18 may apply. You must have a dedicated and reliable income source to present. We do consider regular income proof from only genuine sources. Unemployed individuals must have proof of part-time income and benefits income to qualify.

  • Must been living in the country for 3 years

    You should be residing permanently in the UK to apply. We may ask for relevant proof like ID, Passport, electoral roll/ register number, and driving licence for verification. Recently shifted individuals may seek up to £ 7,000 with relevant visas and related documents. Individuals exceeding 70+ do not need to provide detailed documents, only proof of income.

  • Should provide active contact details

    Details like an active mobile number, house number, and email address must qualify. Therefore, analyse the contact number before clicking the apply button. Rejection due to wrong details may affect your credit standing and loan approval.

  • Have a valid bank account with direct debit

    One gets bad credit loans from a direct lender with guaranteed approvalonly with a relevant account number. It must be a personal bank account that a borrower must hold. Additionally, having one with a direct debit facility may help. Individuals paying through direct debit can pay £400 less than the total amount.

For example, if your total loan repayable amount is £8500, you pay £8100 (8500-400) as the final costs.

How to use guaranteed acceptance loans in everyday life?

One uses loans with 100% acceptance for non-negotiable expenses like medical emergencies, repaying credit card debt, filling out the last day of university admission form, etc. It may not be ideal for the expenses you can save or purchase later.

Precisely tap it if your savings do not meet the cash requirement or need quick cash despite poor credit. Here are some common purposes why people contact adirect lender forguaranteed approval loans:

  • Re-fueling car/ car repairs

    If you own a car but need urgent cash to repair the engine, the loans may help. Just apply with basic information and get the money within 15 minutes. We sanction funds in the respective bank account. Moreover, you can also use it to re-fuel a car.

  • Fund the start-up requirements

    Individuals owning a small or medium-term business may use it to finance the cash shortcomings. For example, you may get start-up business loans for bad credit that may available with guaranteed approval in the UK marketplace. You may qualify with a consistent operating history with a few projects. Analyse the amount to borrow according to monthly liabilities, business expenses and emergencies.

  • Pay bills or consolidate debt

    Pending bills or debts affect your credit score significantly. If you struggle to clear dues or utility payments, the loan may help. You can use guaranteed debt consolidation loans to merge debts like payday loans, credit card payments, overdrafts or utilities. It enables you to reduce total costs to pay and improves credit.

  • Cover a car loan payment

    If you cannot save enough because of an emergency but cannot skip the payment, the loan may help. You may use it to bridge the car loan payment amount. If you need up to £10000, you can tap it. Additionally, it may help you avoid the penalties for missing a car loan payment. It is a secured loan, and hence, regular payments are a must.

How to obtain a guaranteed loan approval with no credit check?

A loan with no credit check does not imply “a credit-check-free loan”. No legal loan provider can provide 100% approval loans without minimal checks.

As responsible loan providers, we conduct a basic credit check that does not impact the credit score. In this, we analyse a few credit aspects like a ratio of debts to income, a gap in employment, earnings, financial management, etc.

This check does not get recorded and hence does not impact further application approval. Individuals may get guaranteed loan approval with no credit check from a direct lenderby meeting the following criteria:

  • Have a stable income proof

    The approval of an application without detailed credit screening depends largely on income. Individuals having income above £8000 may get instant approval. However, borrowers with low income may qualify, too. They just need to borrow the right amount that does not hamper their financial well-being.

    We require concrete proof of income in the form of a salary slip, part-time income slip, self-assessment for self-employed, etc. Unemployed individuals with multiple part-time incomes may fetch better interest rates.

  • Manageable or low debts in profile

    Individuals encounter challenging life phases that impact their credit scores drastically. However, we believe that opportunities help a person grow financially. Hence, prioritise recent credit management instead of past mistakes.

    You may get no credit check loans with guaranteed approval if you have stable finances and manageable debts. We even consider basic financial improvement to be clear proof of credibility. Therefore, you may get cheap loans with an improved profile at low interest rates.

  • Borrow an affordable amount

    Loans with a 100% approval rate share competitive interest rates. Analyse the purpose, amount requirement, income, and monthly liabilities. Borrowing a fair amount may help you qualify instantly. You can use a loan calculator to evaluate the amount you can get.

Are guaranteed loans for a horrible credit score costly?

You spot some aspects when you seek a loan for emergencies with quick approval. You may see principal amount, interest rates, APR, repayment term, monthly repayment, amount, etc. The interest rate, principal or borrowing amount, and monthly repayments depend on affordability.

Individuals with consistent income, long employment history, and well-managed finances may fetch affordable loans with us. We provide a clear statement regarding loan costs with the agreement. The total loan costs include other fees like loan establishment fees, loan closing fees, and fines on missed payments.

Alternatively, we do not charge a prepayment penalty or early repayment fee on amounts below £4000. If you want to repay the loan early, you may do so. Analyse your finances and other liabilities before doing so. It must not impact your critical needs. It will help you boost your credit score and save interest costs.

Let us understand with an example: you need emergency loans with guaranteed approval to fix leakage issues. You borrow £5500 for 22 months at 6.5% interest.As a result, your loan cost may look like this:

Loan amount £5500
Repayment tenure 22 months (1 year and 10 months)
Interest rate 6.5% p.a. (fixed)
Monthly repayment amount £287.55
Weekly repayment (alternative option) £71.88
Total amount to repay £6326.10
Number of repayments 22

Depending on your comfort, you can either make weekly or monthly payments.

The number of repayments may increase if you pay a partial amount every month. For example, instead of £287.55, you pay only £230/month. It could be due to unemployment or financial downfall. It increases the interest costs, monthly payments, and total loan amount.

Therefore, you must contact us early to find a suitable solution. We may help you with a much more affordable loan agreement with new costs and repayments.

Alternatively, you can stop the payments for 3 months. You do not need to pay interest costs (15 days) within the period. The facility is only for the person facing dire financial slowdown or unemployment.

Is Easycheaploan the right choice for you?

If you need cash now without outright rejection, you have landed right. We analyse each application for the positives. Instead of rejecting it right away, we ask you a few questions. It helps us analyse the affordability for which you must provide supportive proof to validate your answer. With us, you can proudly say goodbye to instant rejection. However, if you do not meet the criteria, we politely decline.

As responsible direct lenders, the experts prioritise individual time and money. You can ask anything about the loan agreement. We are eager to help you, from educating you on the concepts to ensuring a well-learned loan. It reduces the chances of fetching the wrong loan.

Likewise, we dedicate the best of our expertise to solving your payment crisis. Ensuring regular repayments may be tasking amid squeezed finances. You can re-schedule, halt payments, or pay half payments suitably. You share the freedom to choose any alternative. However, if you need our help, we provide solutions safeguarding your credit score and finances.

Thus, if you need a partner or a friend, you can rely on us for transparent, helpful, and quick solutions. It is because your concern matters the most to us!


Below are some common questions that customers share. If you approach us for affordable and simple loans, you may benefit from these.

Can You get 100% guaranteed loan approval?

Yes, you can get 100% approval on guaranteed loans if you have a regular income with disciplined finances. Individuals with improved behaviour towards debt payments, increased income and responsible take towards regular expenses may qualify. It is because we prioritise an individual’s current financial management over past mistakes to provide loans. It improves one’s chances of getting a loan despite a poor credit history.

What should be in a guaranteed acceptance loan?

A loan with 100% or guaranteed acceptance is a facility that helps poor credit individuals get quick approval. He shares regardless of the credit score, credit delinquencies, or debts. The approval depends on the individual’s capability to afford payments. He gets the loan if he meets the income, employment, and other basic parameters. One should choose a loan with low interest rates, flexible repayment terms and no hidden fees.

What credit score is required for guaranteed approval?

Individuals with credit scores less than 560 may get guaranteed approval loans from a direct ledner. It reveals that poor credit scores restrict one from qualifying for loans. These personal loans are for individuals with horrible credit scores and pending debts. The approval also depends on the individual’s loan amount requirement, income, pending liabilities and repayment tenure.

Do you consider bad credit for guaranteed approval loans?

Yes, we consider bad credit profiles with credit scores of 561-720 for guaranteed loans. You can apply with us even if you have pending utility bills, credit card penalties or bankruptcy. The borrower may qualify by providing authentic proof of regular income. Tap it only if you need short term installment loans for not exceeding 36 months.

Can I get a loan approval without a necessary credit check?

No, we do not approve any application without a basic credit check. As a responsible loan provider, we prioritise customer’s financial well-being. We conduct a no-imprint credit check to gauge affordability. The providers only accept applications that share the affordability to repay the dues on time. It is a standardised infrastructure that abides by affordable and safe borrowing protocols.

Are joint loans available with guaranteed acceptance loans?

You may consider a joint agreement with your partner if you have poor credit and low income. You may tap one if you need over £10000 despite low credit. We may accept if you and the partner share a sound monthly income. We consider the financial and credit aspects of both parties involved. It allows us to finalise the total amount you may be eligible for on a joint loan. It is best to split the loan costs and pay only half.

Do you provide any alternative loan options?

Yes, we provide alternative options to guaranteed loans. Check other facilities if you do not find the loan apt for your needs. We provide different loans for instant cash with bad credit approval. You may check – doorstep loans, no guarantor loans, and loans for the unemployed. The latter is ideal for people out of work and needing instant cash for emergencies.

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