It is not new to listen to the suggestion that one should always try to avoid the interest rate loans like payday loans. They are known as the experts of creating debt trap around the borrowers. With the promise of instant money, payday loans attract countless people but cause many problems altogether.

Here are some points to drive your attention towards some precautions that save prevent the occurrence of the worst-case scenario.

Check the business profile of the lender to get a fair deal

Yes, it is true that before you think about your need or the loan product, you should think about the lender. The business profile can reveal the hidden facts about the loan provider, and you can understand its terms and conditions properly.

The business profile shows the following things about a lender –

  • Complaints of past and present
  • How the company handled those complaints
  • The rating between A to F or in some companies it is 1 to 10
  • Borrower reviews etc.

If you know the above things, it becomes much easier to know if your choice of lender is correct or not.

Know about the payday loan cap on the interest rates

You know very well, how over-brimmed is the market with payday loan scandals. Most of them drive attention towards the untamed interest rates. Before you apply for a payday loan, take a few minutes to get a glance at the latest interest rate cap law by FCA.

The debt trap usually starts with missed payments that become monstrous in size due to added interest rates on the missed ones. As a borrower with a limited monthly budget and sundry expenses, you cannot manage to pay the increased instalments. As a result, you get deep into the mess of money, and the situation soon becomes out of control.

Take a payday loan for urgent needs, not urgent desires

You know very well how expensive is the payday loan. Never take it just because you have some urgent wish that has nothing to do with an actual need. It means borrowing money for an emergency is fine, but just for fun, it is not correct.

Something spoiled your mood worse, and you want to go for a weekend trip to lighten the mood. There is no money, and as a solution, you took a payday loan. Seriously? Do you want to do that? No, never do that, this is how people get into big trouble.

I can’t pay my payday loans, what will happen?


You cannot pay your payday loans???? Oops!! That is not good news. Already payday loans are notorious for spoiling the financial conditions of the people due to their high cost. Now, not paying can make the situation stressful.

Here are the significant consequences that come if you fail to pay the payday loans –

  • First and drastic impact shows on the credit score. It drops suddenly, and you get into the poor credit situation.
  • Your lender can chase you over call, workplace etc. to get the money back and can take the legal action after every effort.
  • A significant threat happens to your job where job loss may happen due to poor credit. There are many cases (you must be aware) where people lost their job due to poor credit.
  • Your applications for other financial products like home loan/credit card/personal loan/car loan etc. can get rejected quickly.

Ways on how to get out of debt with payday loans

If in case, you get into the problem of missed payments or default on loan, some preventive ways are serving the last hope.

  • You should talk to your lender for a cheaper way of paying funds. Something is always better than nothing.
  • Go for debt consolidation to squeeze the size of your monthly expenses, and through that, you can try to pay the payday loan. 
  • Sell an asset or a few things from your home to prevent the chaos

It is excellent if you have any other workable plans. The final aim is to get rid of the significant threat. No one wants to get spoiled so easily. After all, a tiny amount cannot decide your destiny of financial life.

The above conditions and aspects are real-life incidents, but they can be controlled if you make wise decisions on payday loans. Play safe; stay safe is the best strategy to follow.

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