How do you earn more before Christmas celebrations?

Between Gifts, decorations, cakes, Christmas dinner and parties, the celebration costs may exceed. So, having a little money in your pockets can break your heart. It is the reason some people end up compromising on stuff that they want for the occasion. What’s the point in celebrating Christmas with incomplete vibes? Would it serve the purpose in that case? Clearly not.

If you do not want to skip the fun, you must prepare your finances now. Identify the ways to earn over £10000 before Christmas. Yes, it is possible. Suppose you are confused about how- read ahead. The blog lists the possibilities of increasing your savings with more earnings before Christmas.

7 ways to earn more before Christmas 2023

There is still over a month to make your way through an exciting Christmas. You can earn quickly anywhere from – Applying for suitable grants, marriage allowance, part-time jobs and more. Moreover, you can earn over £10000 within a month! However, it is also determined by the skills and time you can dedicate towards the job. Now, let’s quickly examine the best way to earn more before Christmas 2023:

1)     Rent a Room to someone

If you have a spare room, you can rent it online to the tourists. Places like Disneyland (US), Paris, Germany and Italy receive the most tourists throughout the world during December and November. You can leverage this opportunity if you are living in any of the above-mentioned countries as a permanent citizen.

Update your spare room details on platforms like Airbnb and set a comfortable rate. If tourists like the view, they would be eager to plan their stay there. Similarly, you can attract more customers by listing on other platforms.

2)     Rent your Garage

It may seem funny- yes, you can do that. You can rent the car garage if you have recently sold your car. It would help you earn well until you get the new one there. Generally, an individual earns around £1000/year by renting the space. However, you can negotiate the rate by providing extra facilities or counting the benefits you can provide the person.

However, you must know the standard rules of renting out a garage. These may differ according to the residential and commercial space.

For example, platforms like YourParkingSpace provide information about the rates. You can spot hourly, daily and weekly car garage renting costs.

3)     Drive for Ride and Sharing companies

If you stay in a place where on-demand rideshares are high, you may leverage the opportunity. It is for those who have a car and want to use it to earn extra. Once you do so, you can earn over £100/hour with Uber. You can also try Lyft riding company to earn extra. If you continue this for a month and work even 4 hours daily, you can make up to £12000/month.

It could be a good additional income. However, some companies would conduct the driving test before hiring. Thus, post-graduates must have a driving license to qualify here.

4)     Utilise cashback sites to gain discounts

Cashback sites will help you get the money immediately from different platforms. You can get whopping discount offers on Christmas shopping aspects like- food, clothing, cutleries and decoration. Explore sites like TopCashback and Quidco.

 Check the link and the authenticity of the platform before clicking the link. Furthermore, it may take some days for the money to come in your account.

5)     Hunt for quality shares at discounted price

Nothing could meet the excitement of having a sound dividend in your account after investing quite a time there. Yes, it is the apt time to double up the return on investment by searching for quality shares.

Usually, the price of good shares is high. However, if you are lucky, you may spot some well-performing shares at throwaway prices. Leverage the opportunity and buy a few quantities of the same. Do not liquidate it until Christmas.

Well, yes, short-term investments share the highest risks. If you know about the share and its recent performance, there is no harm in investing there. Do as per your risk-taking potential. It will help you choose the best and right shares to invest in.

  • Sell up your stuff- books, clothes, gadgets

You may not know this, but you can find ample ways to finance your requirements within the home itself. Explore the things like- books, clothes and gadgets you do not use anymore. You can find ample such things that you can get a good price for.  

Check for the books or novels you do not read anymore but are in good condition. Apart from that, you may find ample dresses that do not fit you anymore. Selling them for some money is sometimes better than keeping them as a memory. You will be shocked to see the collection by the month’s end.  

For example, you can sell your old gadgets at around £10000-£15000 (depending on the condition), books for around £1000- £2000 and dresses for about £5000- £4000, etc. Precisely, you can easily make around £17000 from this stuff. The amount may vary according to the things, the quantity and the condition of the stuff. 

7)     Act as a dog walker or Dog sitter

While you may not think dog walking or dog sitting is a profitable business, it really can be. Individuals generally require someone to take care of their pets in the fall and winter months.

Moreover, many dog owners are willing to pay more for the expertise and the skills you share as a trainer or a dog lover. With this, you can earn around £14000/ month on average. And as a professional or expert, you can even earn more (£24000/ month). It could be a good addition to your Christmas plans.

However, things like that may help you save, and sometimes the costs exceed out of the blue. It could be because of sudden expense or emergency- like medical requirements, tests or a child’s needs. In this case, if you find the budget to be slightly low, get a loan for Christmas for a bad credit history hassle-free. You can use it to cover other costs without worries. Precisely, you do not have to skip the most-anticipated celebrations. Just ensure a memorable one!             

Bottom line

These are some interesting and best ways to double-up your savings for the month. It would help you plan the Christmas without skipping fun. What would you try out of these first?  However, while earning, do not skip keeping track of the expenses. Set a different account exceptionally for Christmas funds and expenses. It would help the saving efforts.

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