24 month loans


Short-term financial needs arise anytime and not every time your limited monthly budget can manage the expenses. Through the external financial assistance of 24-month loans, you can fulfil all the requirements. EasyCheapLoans provides these small but significant loans online in the least possible time through instant approval decision. Get money for a minimum duration of 3 months and a maximum of 36 months irrespective of purpose through 24×7 access through online application procedure with no physical document required.

Borrow for any purpose

You can apply for any reason but here are some common reasons people have –

  • Medical emergency
  • Unplanned trip
  • Car repair
  • Home repair
  • Educational purpose
  • Business purpose
  • Etc. etc. etc….

You choose the purpose, and we can offer funds accordingly without any hassle of delayed procedures. We are the disciples of new aged online lending and have the capacity to deliver financial solutions faster than conventional practices.


  • We prefer the bank account details with direct debit service.
  • We accept the applicants who are denied by the other lenders.
  • We waive off penalty on one missed repayment.
  • Get notifications of exclusive offers at every weekend.
  • Customer relationship managers take through the process smoothly.


The 24-month loans always have the feature of customisation to offer relatable loan deals. Repayment plans, rate of interest, loan amount all the elements are queued according to the repaying capacity of the borrower. You can stay sure about a peaceful borrowing experience, as there is no practice of intimidating rate quote.

Small personalised instalments leave no burden on the monthly budget. They are easy to fit with the budget, and above all, in case you need another 24 Month loan, it is easier to qualify for the funds. Also, the borrower can manage to have a balanced financial life with no or less burden of the loan obligation.


You deserve to borrow the amount that you can repay. With this rational approach, the 24-month loans for bad credit with no guarantor are available to every person with a reliable payback capacity.

Obtain funds with bad credit on following conditions –

  • Good current income status is necessary to compensate for the weak credit score performance
  • Poor credit should not be consistent in financial records. Repeated missed payments may create a concern
  • Self-employed applicants with bad credit need to present the business accounts of last six months signed by an accountant
Loans available on bank holidays and weekends

You need to have the above conditions to win the entitlement of 24-month loans with poor credit situation. Whatever is your repay capacity, if it is worthy of consideration, we will offer the loan amount accordingly.


A flexible approach is in the nature of online lending, and it makes efforts to offer ease to the borrowers in every possible way. Here are the four repayment methods; you can use any one of these to pay the instalments.

Direct debit Pay online Bank transfer Payment line
The instalment money automatically deducts from the account on the due date mentioned in the loan agreement Log in to your online account at a convenient time to make the payment without any constraint of fix date Transfer the money from your account with a mention of the loan account number Call on our number to make payments. Connectivity available 365 days, round-the-clock

Some other repayment features that you can obtain with 24-month loans are –

  • Repay through any method direct debit/online payment/bank transfer/payment line.
  • Switch to the other repayment method anytime during the loan tenure through a simple formality
  • In case you miss a payment or have an issue in paying instalments, we can design a new repayment plan

Stay sure about a borrower-friendly loan deal through the predictable procedure. The prime aim is to make the borrowing an easy task for the people in need.


The festive zeal in ‘ON’ and the joy of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is approaching to its height.  We are also ready with the festive perks on 24-month loans to help you borrow with discount and other benefits. Here are some of the special offers that are sure to accompany every offered deal on the loans.

  • Same-day fund disbursement for good credit score people who apply by 4:00 p.m. Applicable from 25 October to 30 October.
  • Discount for people living on government benefits. Fund seekers with a good credit score as well as poor credit score people can apply.
  • For existing customers with a good payment record, we have offered discount schemes on the interest rate on their running loans.

To know more about the festive offers and their duration, contact us or apply through our website. It is the time to explore your chance and borrow money for the festive preparations. 

WHY EasyCheapLoans?

The final decision is always on your discretion, but here is the mention of the essential points that ensure a better experience to the borrowers. Also, we keep working on a further enhancement to make our financial services good, better, best.  –

  • One page application form
  • Quick procedure and timely fund disbursal
  • No hidden fee & charges to maintain transparency
  • Money to your bank account after approval
  • No obligation quote, borrow without a guarantor
  • Secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology

With time, we have grown big enough to capture a vast part of the market. The reach across the UK makes the financial services prevalent and bring the trust of countless borrowers who trust us for their financial well-being. 

The significance of 24-month loans by direct lenders is in their capacity to support the applicants for multiple reasons. They are easily available through convenient online medium, which further enhances the importance of the loans as the last-minute saviour. Keep healthy financial conditions and qualify easily for the funds. Enjoy financial liberty with affordable 24-month loans.  Any need, all needs, you can always find the support of money with a commitment of uncompromised services.

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